Tailored Jokes For The Chronic Kidney Disease Community

 Picture: lighersideofdialysis.com

Picture: lighersideofdialysis.com

Researchers believe that laughter might indeed be the best medicine after all. It helps people suffering with Chronic Kidney Disease feel better. Here are a few jokes to make you feel better and put a spring in your step:

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1) The Dialysis Patient said to the Attending Nurse who was in the process of giving him a Flu Shot, " Please don't hurt me."She said, "The last thing I will do is hurt you." The patient relaxed and thanked her for being so understanding. As soon as the shot was given, the patient screamed, "That hurts!" she responded,"What did you expect? I told you it was going to be the last thing."

2). The Care Giver said to the Chronic Kidney Disease Patient, "You never agree with me."The Patient replied, "As a matter of fact I wish I could, but if I did we both would be wrong."

3). The Dialysis Patient complained, "When my Nephrologist goes over my monthly labs with me, he always begins by saying, 'good morning' and then proceeds to tell me why it is not."

4) The veteran Dialysis Patient admits, "I used to be indecisive about whether to use Peritoneal or Hemodialysis. Now, I am really not sure."

5). The longer you are on Dialysis, the more you realize that Nostalgia is not what it used to be.

6). The Social Worker admonish a Dialysis Patient, " You are too serious. Take life with a grain of salt."And the patient responded with a puzzled look, "Are you joking?"

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A psychologist, Steve Wilson, once said, "I think that if people can get more laughter in their lives, they are better off, and may be healthier too." Even if you are not sure that laughter will make you healthier, these jokes certainly didn't hurt.

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