Survival Comparisons Between Peritoneal Dialysis And Hemodialysis Offer Unexpected Insights


The impact of dialysis modality survival is still somewhat controversial because there are conflicting research results about the survival differences between Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) and Hemodialysis (HD), especially during the first 2 years of dialysis treatment. The survival discrepancies among Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients using different dialysis modalities is hard to pin-down because of differential rates of modality switching, varying rates of Kidney Transplantation, and possible differences in patients’ personal characteristics leading to death.  

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However, a brand new study released December 30th, 2013 suggests that early rates of survival are better when patients use PD as compared to HD, even after adjusting for individual differences in patient characteristics. Notably, the most common cause of death was infection. More specifically, survival probabilities for PD and HD patients were 96.9% and 94.1% at 12 months and 94.3% and 87.6% at 24 months. Overall, CKD patients who chose PD  in the early period of dialysis had a 51% lower risk of death as compared with those who chose HD.

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Although these findings should not serve as the "end-all" for those on dialysis, they do support a separate study released earlier last year, April 2013, from the Clinic Journal of American Nephrology Society that stated, "Peritoneal Dialysis seems to be associated with 48% lower mortality than Hemodialysis over the first 2 years of dialysis therapy independent of modality switches or differential transplantation rates." Hence, dialysis patients should be aware of their risks and on heightened alert to avoid infections as much as possible by washing their hands, taking appropriate vaccinations, not touching surfaces in healthcare facilities, and ensuring that their healthcare team follows the correct protocol before touching their access site. 

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