Surprise Living Kidney Donation Goes Viral And Raises Awareness For CKD And Dialysis Patients



A Chronic Kidney Disease patient, Brandon Lash, needed a new Kidney Transplant after suffering from Kidney Failure. Unfortunately, many of his loved ones who were tested to be a Living Kidney Donor were disqualified. He feared that he would become one of the over 100,000 patients waiting for years on the Kidney Transplant List or even worse; one of the nearly 5,000 patients who pass away every year without ever getting a call for a Kidney Transplant. That is until he received an unparalleled birthday surprise that is inspiring others to take action.

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After finding out Brandon needed a Kidney Transplant, it was his brother, Derek Lash, who was a perfect match. Derek decided to announce that he will be his brother's donor on his birthday. The video, filmed during the announcement, has since gone viral and is inspiring strangers to take action as well as highlights important lessons for Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients.


Some viewers of the Lash Brothers' video wrote:

  • Tim Dobish - Great job Derek Lash u did the right thing buddy!
  • Donald Grammer - I did not know that you can donate a kidney before your death. I am going to look into this. I want to change someone's life!
  • Brenda Lynette Crosby - Leah Taylor, did you see this?
  • Sarah Sheilds - I want to donate a kidney.
  • Debbie DeArman - God bless!

It is important for patients to share their story with their family and friends. It is also critically important to connect with kind-hearted strangers since many times family members are not as lucky as Derek and cannot donate to their loved ones. Click here to download the FREE Kidney Transplant Guide to gain insights on how to help start meeting selfless potential Living Kidney Donors. Also, join the Find A Kidney Donor Program to begin your full outreach effort to engage selfless donors and help convert interest. Afterall, the more people that are aware of your need and getting tested on your behalf for selfless Living Kidney Donation, the higher possible chance you have of success.

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