Support Legislation That Helps Boost Living Kidney Donation And Limits Wait Time For CKD And Dialysis Patients



A viewer wrote, "What is going on with the Living Donor Protection Act? I think that could help me get many more people to consider donating to me so that I can get off of Dialysis. When is it expected to pass?"

Recommended Reading: CKD And Dialysis Patients Help Push Living Kidney Donor Act. Sign Petition To Support Passage. has previously reported on the usefulness of the of the Living Donor Protection Act to help more kind-hearted individuals take action and donate to those in need. If only 0.5% of adults in the United States step forward to donate, it would wipe out the Kidney Transplant Waiting List fifteen (15) times. However, the act is losing momentum and it is up to the Chronic Kidney Disease Community to come together once again and help push the act through Congress.

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The bipartisan Living Donor Protection Act would help increase access to kidney transplants by achieving the three (3) following goals:

1. Protecting Donors - The bill prohibits life, disability, and long-term care insurers from denying or limiting coverage or from charging higher premiums to living organ donors. 

2. Securing Jobs of Altruistic Living Kidney Donors during recovery - The legislation directly notes that Kidney Donors can use Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) time to recover from donation surgery and maintain their job security as well as continue their group health insurance coverage under the same terms and conditions as if the donor had not taken leave.

3. Educating Americans about Living Kidney Donation - The bill will now specifically direct the United States Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) to educate Americans about living organ donation which is largely misunderstood today. This would help dispel myths and build confidence in the safety of the donation process.

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Kevin Longino (CEO of the National Kidney Foundation) said, “It’s unfortunate that even today we still see our nation’s living donors being denied insurance or having their premiums increased because they made a selfless decision to donate an organ to someone in need.” 

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Protecting living kidney donors from insurance and employment discrimination is imperative (critical) to increasing donation rates. If you agree, sign the below petition urging Congressional Representatives to swiftly pass the Living Donor Protection Act:

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