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With over 600,000 people currently conducting Dialysis and the Kidney Transplant Waiting List rapidly shooting past an excess of 100,000 patients (5 to 7 year average national wait times), it was shocking for many patients to learn that approximately 17% of the removed kidneys available each year are rejected and not even offered to Chronic Kidney Disease patients, according to  Dr. Mike Nicholson (professor of surgery at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge). In fact, 20% more kidneys are discarded over the weekend than during the working week. What's even more surprising is that this figure is growing. Yale University researchers, among others, are now openly suggesting that this practice of discarding imperfect kidneys may be a big mistake which is costing many Chronic Kidney Disease patients - who are in desperate need of a Kidney Transplant - a second chance at life. Well, thanks to a newly established Task Force, this may soon change.

Nephrology News has reported that the National Kidney Foundation has established a Transplant Task Force steering group to identify practical solutions to reduce the number of kidneys that are discarded in the United States each year. Based on the information provided to, this Task Force will not only include Transplant Surgeons, Nephrologists, and Government Officials. Chronic Kidney Disease patients will also take part in this steering group so the patient perspective will be represented as the committee further analyzes this important issue and offers potential solutions. 

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Led by Dr. Matthew Cooper (MedStar Georgetown Transplant Institute) and Dr. Stephen Pastan (Emory Transplant Center), this committee is not expected to just provide feedback that sits on a shelf and is not implemented. Instead, the group will hold a consensus conference in Baltimore in May 2017. 

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The Chronic Kidney Disease Community will not remain silent on this issue. Over 4,500 Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients are dying every year while awaiting a Kidney Transplant. Swift action must be taken! Sign the below form to show your support for this new Task Force as well as request any further necessary action to promptly correct this important issue.

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We as a community must remain engaged and lean forward to solve this challenging issue, and help cut the time a patient must wait for a Kidney Transplant. Patients are doing the best that they can to remain active on the waiting list and prepared to receive the call for a Kidney Transplant. proudly stands with organizations such as the National Kidney Foundation who are stepping up efforts to reduce the Kidney Transplant waiting times and make the process more efficient. We encourage you to stand with us and take 30 seconds to let YOUR voice be heard by signing and sharing the above statement of support. 

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A bright spot in the Chronic Kidney Disease Community is that Altruistic (Generous) Living Kidney Donation is increasing. How are you helping to improve your chances of connecting with potential Altruistic Living Kidney Donors? Share your response with the over 45,000 Facebook Fan Page Friends (click here). If you are waiting on the list, consider working with the Social Media Team to share your story with a wider audience of people (click here).

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