Substitutes To Food That Prevent CKD Patients From Transplant And Cause Transplant Failure

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Those with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) should be aware that an increasing number of patients are becoming morbidly obese (100 pounds or more over "ideal" weight). This can cause otherwise eligible transplant candidates to be at great risk of complications during and after surgery. It is also a common reason for people with CKD to be rejected from receiving a transplant all together. Even after transplantation, people with CKD must take medication that makes it difficult for the body to use simple carbohydrates such as sugar which can lead to high rates of obesity, high blood sugar levels and diabetes ( the "deadliest threat" for people with CKD). In order to increase your chances of receiving a transplant as well as success after transplantation, CKD patients should limit sugar intake especially processed sugar intake. 

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White sugar has been found to increase the risk of developing different health problems, like interfering with normal insulin action, raising blood sugar levels and a lot more. Eating this or any foods that are rich in white sugar can even aggravate CKD health problems. The most effective method of keeping blood sugar levels down is by avoiding the intake of processed sugars suggests a  renowned nutritionist, Naini Setalvad. She recommends the following healthier substitutes that can be used instead of white sugar. 

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Honey is a better alternative to white sugar because it is alkaline in nature. This means that it does not produce gas or acids. In turn, it also helps strengthen the heart and prevent the onset of fever, cough, colds and has also been found to help purify the blood. People who have high blood pressure may eat honey to increase blood flow to the heart which helps to decrease blood pressure. 

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Jaggery is often called as "medicinal sugar" and it is frequently used to cure constipation, coughs and indigestion. It has a large amount of mineral content so CKD patients should talk to their Dietitian BEFORE incorporating the sugar into their diet. In terms of usage, this is the closest alternative to sugar. People can get jaggery in the form of a powder, liquid or even as a solid block sweetner.

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Dried fruits are often high in potassium. Although it should not be a problem for Transplant Recipients or Home Dialysis (PD, HD) patients, those who have a potassium restriction should talk to their Dietitian before incorporating dried fruit into their diet. Popular dried fruits include raisins, prunes, dates and figs. Dates are a great source of iron, vitamin B, potassium and fiber. Raisins can be used to sweeten food. Figs are great for those who have digestive problems. These fruits can also fight asthma, coughs and colds. Prunes are rich in fiber and can help people have a healthy digestive system. When people have a strong craving for sugar, dried fruits are a great choice compared to white sugar.

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Fresh fruits are also great alternatives to processed sugar. Instead of taking in white sugar or foods that are rich in potassium, fruits like apples, blueberries, cranberries, and pears will do the trick. They are full of nutrients with little unwanted fat and sugar.

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Stevia is a South American herb that has been found to help lower hypertension. It is also great for the reduction of stomach acidity and gas. This is the only sweetener that is suggested for diabetics. 

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These recommended sugar substitutes are healthier alternatives that experts recommend instead of white sugar. Although these alternatives CAN be used daily you should confirm that they SHOULD be used daily to meet your necessary dietary needs.

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