Stanford University Researcher Challenges Sale Of Kidneys To Reduce Wait Times For CKD & Dialysis Patients




In recent months, Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients have noticed a surge in offers for foreign or domestic kidney sales. This is quite discouraging since, on the surface, many seemingly generous prospects give patients a lot of hope - only to be let down when they ask for money in return for a kidney. While, patients rightfully refuse the illegal proposition, Standford University Researcher, Mohammad Akbarpour (assistant professor of economics at Stanford Graduate School of Business) explored the idea of making the sale of kidneys legal and what the outcome would be by investigating the one place in the world where it’s legal to buy and sell kidneys. While we will highlight key findings in Assitant Professor Akbarpour's very interesting research, in no way condones the sale of kidneys and we will, in fact, provide you with tips to avoid kidney salesmen and other LEGAL tips on how to limit your wait on the Kidney Transplant List.

With, more than 100,000 Americans awaiting a Kidney Transplant, and 3,000 new patients being added to the queue each month, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the National Kidney Foundation - Professor Akbarpour's research to limit wait times on the Kidney Transplant Waiting List is understandable. As a result of the long list, 13 people in the U.S. die every day while waiting for a donor. Oddly, this is not the case in Iran - where it is legal to sell kidneys. 

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Although many medical associations, ethicists, religious leaders, and doctors have condemned the sale of kidneys on the open market, in Iran there is a very short wait list for kidneys, and very few people die because they cannot find donors, suggested Stanford Univeristy. 

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The idea, that only the wealthiest of patients could afford to buy kidneys from poor people also seems to be, at least, partially wrong if you use Iran as an example. “It’s not just rich people who can buy a kidney in Iran,” said the professor. “Even poor people find the money for it [a kidney] because it’s so valuable. There are also charities they can tap.”

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Still, one suspected consequence of a cash market for kidneys did turn out to be true: Poor people sell kidneys far more than any other economic group. In Iran, most kidneys come from those whose incomes are in the bottom 25% of earners. Another key factor is that the main reason Iran allowed the sale of kidneys is due to foreign sanctions against the government during the country's revolution in the 1980's which inhibited its ability to get Dialysis Machines. Clearly, this is not a limiting factor for the United States.

While the Standford study offers great insight, the fact is that selling kidneys in the U.S. is 100% illegal. Here are some tips to help you avoid kidney salesmen:

- If you get a call from someone offering to sell their kidney - block the number.
- Never answer unknown foreign numbers.
- Document any calls or communication.
- Block the Facebook Pages of individuals that offer to sell their kidneys.

It is critical to note that there is a massive difference between selling kidneys and helping with social media outreach, website development, and effective channels to share your need for a selfless living kidney donor. One is illegal while the other is encouraged.

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Successful Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients are searching for ways beyond waiting on the list to share their stories and connect with potential altruistic (selfless) HERO Kidney Donors. You should seek to find organizations who can help you with your search. has a tailored program you can view here, but there are also other programs that you may find valuable. 

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The key is to effectively get your need out to the right tailored audience of people and convert altruistic possible interest. While setting up your own Facebook is a good start, it is not nearly enough to help see the results that offer true progress.

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After learning about Iran kidney sales, what are your thoughts? Also, how do you effectively share your need for a selfless living kidney donor? Your insights could be very helpful to other patients so share your responses with the nearly 64,000 friends who have liked the Facebook Page (click here). Also, consider following the nearly 160,000 monthly visitors on for your Number One (#1) source of Daily News, Information, Impact Meals, Inspirational Quotes, and tailored Products and Services which teach Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, Kidney Transplant, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure patients how to better manage and improve their lives.

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