Southern Food Linked To Worse Outcomes And Even Death In Chronic Kidney Disease And Diabetics

Whether you grew up in the American South or you just enjoy southern cooking on an occasional basis, according to new research out of the University of Alabama, eating a southern-style diet "results in higher risk of death in those with Chronic Kidney Disease." 

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Although the findings did not directly relate to Diabetics, most recognize that the processed meats, fried foods and sugar-sweetened beverages can also greatly impact the health of diabetics who enjoy southern foods, wouldn't you agree? This includes biscuits made with lard, chicken fried crispy, greens seasoned with ham hocks, sweet potato casserole, macaroni and cheese made with three types of cheese, all topped off by a cake that would melt in your mouth – thanks to added butter in the batter. Needless to say, that does not exactly fit within the Renal and Diabetic Diets.

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Celebrity Chef, Paula Deen went public with her Type II Diabetes diagnosis last year which was met with a public outcry suggesting that her high fat and sugar recipes, such as deep-fried butter balls "certainly would increase the risk" of developing or worsening Diabetes, said nutritionist Megan Fendt (Medical Center in New York City). What's more, the Alabama University study found that consuming a healthier diet of fruits and vegetables was associated with improved survival. 

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However, living with Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetes and/or conducting Dialysis does not have to mean the end of satisfying your southern eating urges or sacrificing deeply rooted culinary traditions. What Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetics should remember are tips which allow them to enjoy southern cuisine without severe detriment to their long-term health: (1) Moderate your portion size, (2) If you are cooking then replace the fat with a low-sodium broth, (3) Substitute regular sugar for sugar alternatives (eg. sativa, sweet and low) and spices (eg. cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg), do not add salt, and talk to your Dietitian for specific suggestions which work best for YOUR recommended diet plan.  

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