Solution To Common Problem Of Harmful Inflammation In Chronic Kidney Disease Patients On Dialysis

 Courtesy NPR

Courtesy NPR

Nephrologist Dr. Emilio Poggio said, "600,000 are on Dialysis and 100,000 are on the waiting list for a Kidney Transplant." Yet a small minority, 16,000 patients, get a Kidney Transplant each year. As those conducting Treatments may know, Dialysis can lead to "Systemic Inflammation" (chronic inflammation that moves beyond local tissues and into the lining of blood vessels and organs). Such inflammation is dangerous for patients and may lead to Cardiovascular Disease, harmful Heart Complications, and Anemia. However, researchers may have found a solution.   

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New work offers an effective way to avoid complications associated with Systemic Inflammation. University of Pennsylvania Researchers have identified a viable approach in  temporarily suppressing Dialysis patients' Complement Cascade (part of the body's innate immune system) which is inadvertently activated by modern Polymer-Based Dialysis blood filters. Yes, the very filters used to clean Dialysis patients' blood during Treatments are accidentally triggering their immune systems and causing them to fight new agents in their blood creating otherwise avoidable dangerous inflammation.

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Lead Researcher, Dr. John Lambris (University of Pennsylvania) noted that a major benefit of this new approach to Dialysis is that the immune system is inhibited only temporarily during treatment and then "quickly regains its full activity." Medical Express reported that this will help avoid concerns about adverse impacts to a Dialysis patient's health due to long-term immune system suppression.   

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The findings will appear in Immunobiology and Researchers believe that an effective drug to combat the unintended immune system response could be Compstatin. While this study appears promising, it still must go through human trials. In the meantime current Dialysis patients may consider checking with their Nephrologists about utilizing the Dialysis Tailored Multivitamin, MV One Plus, which has already been proven to reduce "chronic inflammation" while increasing Hemoglobin (blood count) and decreasing the need for Epogen (click here). 

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Ultimately, by reducing the inflammation associated with Dialysis, Chronic Kidney Disease patients may help improve their own survival which is currently at a low 5-year rate of only 35% according to Science Daily. Granted, that is simply a study average and does not apply to each individual Dialysis patient such as yourself. Mark Fields (Founder of for instance, has lived a full life on Dialysis for over 16 years. Still, he chooses to use MV One Plus and any other proven tools that assist him in continuing his high quality of life. You may consider taking similar actions. 

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