Snacks That Chronic Kidney Disease Patients and Diabetics Probably Did Not Know They Could Have

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According to the United States Renal Data System, the primary cause of Kidney Failure was Diabetes for 43.8% of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients. What is worse, CKD is still significantly under-diagnosed among those with diabetes. notes that nearly 90% of type 2 Diabetes patients may be living with CKD and go completely undiagnosed (22% in stages 3-5). Hence, since there is such a large group of our community with both CKD and Diabetes, has created a list of snacks that can be enjoyed by patients with just CKD or Diabetes, or who suffer with both at the same time. 

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People with Chronic Kidney Disease or diabetes must contend with strict diets so they often cut foods that they enjoy for the benefit of their health. However, this is not always necessary, in fact many may be surprised by all the snacks that they can enjoy while on a restricted diet. 

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Sweets: For those with a sweet tooth, fresh fruit that is low in potassium (apples, strawberries, pineapple, grapes and plums) can make for an excellent treat and you can even enjoy it with sugar-free whipped topping while maintaining a healthy renal/diabetic diet. Also, Live Strong suggests that sugar-free gelatin and ice pops are other good sweet snack ideas as long as you count them toward your daily fluid intake. Animal crackers, vanilla wafers and graham crackers are kidney-friendly snacks that you can include in moderation but may contribute high amounts of carbohydrates if you do not control portions.

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Savory: Snacks that you can eat include unsalted breadsticks or pretzels, air-popped popcorn seasoned with a sodium-free herb blend and Melba toast with light cream cheese. You may also enjoy cut-up fresh vegetables, such as celery sticks, cucumbers, carrots and cauliflower with a low-fat salad dressing for dipping.

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Generally it's better not to eat during dialysis. Among the reasons is that when the stomach is engaged in digestion it tends to lower your blood pressure. On the other hand, having the right snack at the end of your treatment could help you avoid feeling nauseous and "wiped out," which is a common complaint among dialysis patients. Snacks that are easily transportable and good to eat after your dialysis are tortilla wraps with tuna or egg salad; homemade trail mix with dried apples, dried pineapple pieces, rice and corn cereal; rice cakes; or one-half of a bagel with light cream cheese. 

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As you likely know, if you have CKD and/or Diabetes, you should still avoid food with any visible salt sprinkles, chocolate, or nuts. Your Dietitian can better help guide you toward developing a diet plan individualized to your unique needs. Visit daily to get news and information about how to live better while on dialysis and ways to get a transplant sooner as well as like our Facebook Fan Page and Follow us on Twitter. Also, visit our NEW Shop section for tailored, must have products! 

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