Simple Method For CKD And Dialysis Patients To Reduce Their Cravings For Sweets And Fast Food



A Chronic Kidney Disease patient who is currently conducting Dialysis emailed and asked, "Do you know of any tips to curb my appetite and reduce cravings for tasty food that is restricted for the Kidney diet like candy and fast food? It is so easy to grab these things while I am out and they completely mess up my Monthly Labs. If I resist, I feel terribly unsatisfied, and that is not how I want to live. Please help!"  

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This is a great question because most Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients can relate to standing in the grocery store and being tempted with the candy at checkout. Similarly, on challenging days many patients consider stopping by their favorite fast food restaurant to satisfy their cheeseburger or French Fry cravings instead of cooking at home. Have you ever been in that position? Did you cave into your cravings? 

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The solution may be an often overlooked vegetable - Spinach, according to a recent study performed at Sweden's Lund University. Researchers suggested that Spinach can cut cravings for sweets and fast food, by up to 95%! This is likely due to Thylakoids (a compound found in spinach stems) which slows down the digestion process, giving intestinal hormones time to communicate to the brain that a Chronic Kidney Disease and/or Dialysis patient is satisfied, suggested Shawn Wells (Registered Dietitian). 

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Spinach is considered a high potassium food and if consumed regularly without the appropriate preparation, Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients can suffer weakness, numbness, tingling, irregular heartbeat and/or Heart Attacks. However, patients can alter their cooking methods to lower the potassium concentration found in Spinach. For instance, research has shown that "contact with water leaches potassium out of vegetables." Thus, patients may consider boiling their spinach before eating or leaching the spinach by allowing the vegetable to stand in warm water for approximately two (2) hours.

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Here are some easy ways to get more spinach in your diet. Be sure to include the stems and drain the water off the spinach before cooking since it will have a high potassium concentration.

  1. Enjoy Boiled Spinach as a side dish with lunch or dinner.
  2. Add Spinach to your eggs after leaching.
  3. Boil Spinach and add it to a quiche recipe (click here).

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