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It is always sad when a Chronic Kidney Disease patient chooses to discontinue Dialysis Treatments. This is even more disheartening since new technologies are moving closer to market and guides as well as devices are making Dialysis safer, less painful, and a bit more manageable. However, the choice to stop Dialysis is not done lightly. In fact, it is often easier to not start treatment than to stop treatment – “the former seems more passive, the latter more active,” according to the American Council on Science and Health. Still, patients should not have to struggle and have a painful, quick, certain death as a result of choosing not to continue on Dialysis. Yet, that is what appears to be happening since patients have to agree to stop taking treatment in order to be accepted into Hospice. Sign the below petition if you think that this rule should be changed.

Recent studies have shown that for Dialysis patients, Hospice utilization has increased. The reason is not clear. It may be a result of increased Cancer diagnoses, the growing number of patients who suffer other diseases or the increasing Kidney Transplant Waiting List times. Regardless, Hospice care should focus on patient comfort during their last months of life. Yet, the current practice of causing patients to stop Dialysis is painful and sudden.

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For a patient suffering from cancer or heart failure alone, death may occur weeks or months after stopping treatment; there is a real pause between the decision and the outcome. Not so, for Dialysis – a week is long enough for there to be an obvious decline in physical and mental function soon before death. This allows little time for loved ones to say their goodbyes and opportunities to get affairs in the appropriate order.

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Current Hospice rules for Dialysis patients speaks to the challenge of providing comfort to Chronic Kidney Disease patients in their most vulnerable time. If you agree that we need to change the rules, and allow patients to continue Dialysis as they enter what should be a slow goodbye, then sign the below petition:

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