Sign Petition: 52% Increase To Medicare Premiums & Deductibles Expected For Many Dialysis Patients



Most Chronic Kidney Disease patients with permanent Kidney Failure including those conducting Dialysis opt to receive Medicare coverage. As you likely know, Medicare Part A usually covers 100% of approved hospital costs, while Medicare Part B usually covers 80% of medical expenses, including Dialysis Treatments for a monthly premium. Well, according to James Myers (Advocate, National Kidney Foundation) premiums could increase by as much as 52%. 

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"Unless Congress or the Obama administration intervenes, nearly one-third of Medicare beneficiaries may see a 52% increase in 2016 premiums for Part B, which covers doctor visits and other types of outpatient care," said Mr. Myers. Without immediate action, the impacts of this $54.00 (from about $105.00 per month to $159.00) monthly hike will be felt far and wide, experts note.

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This issue stems from the fact that there will not be a cost-of-living increase for Social Security recipients in 2016. Well, due to a little-known law which stated that during years of no cost-of-living bump, one-third of Medicare Beneficiaries who do not have their premiums deducted from their Social Security payments must shoulder all of the burden of rising costs of the 2016 Medicare Program. 

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The increase would affect patients who are under 65 and are not receiving disability benefits, new Chronic Kidney Disease Dialysis patients and retirees, beneficiaries with higher incomes, and Medicare/Medicaid dual eligible whose premiums are covered by state Medicaid programs. These premium hikes will serve as a challenge for many Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients who utilize Medicare. 

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We at stand with James Myers and others in asking Congress to act now to prevent increases in the 2016 Medicare Part B premium and deductible. Many Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients are living on low- and fixed-incomes, and simply cannot afford the additional $648.00 annual health care costs. We encourage all members of the Chronic Kidney Disease Community to stand in solidarity and show their support by signing the below form. All signatures will be forwarded to organizations in support of this effort.

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