Short Video: Progress Of Wearable Kidney And How It Will Impact The Lives Of Dialysis Patients

The Wearable Artificial Kidney has been huge news in the Chronic Kidney Disease community. You may ask yourself, "What's all the hype about with this new Wearable Kidney Technology?" Well unlike any current Dialysis treatment method, the Wearable Kidney will prevent patients from being tethered to their Dialysis machines and allow them to go about their day-to-day lives largely uninterrupted. Nephrologist, Dr. Jonathan Himmelfarb (University of Washington), suggests that this includes going to work, school or doing "something else while receiving Dialysis therapy."    

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"This new technology will help give patients back their freedom and that is what is most exciting," one viewer recently wrote. What we may be reaching here, Friends, is a tipping point which is transforming the way Dialysis can be utilized and more effectively incorporated into a person's lifestyle with minimal disruption. Doesn't that sound exciting! 

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While an official release date has not been announced, human trials have begun at the University of Washington Medical Center. Click the above video to take a closer look, and see how this technology is expected to revolutionize Dialysis - miniaturizing the machine and easing the intensity of treatment for those with Chronic Kidney Disease and Renal Failure.  

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