Severe Muscular Pain In Chronic Kidney Disease And Diabetics Can Cripple Their Quality Of Life

"I am a Diabetic patient on Dialysis and suffering muscular pain all over my back, stomach, shoulders, and hips," a viewer emailed recently. "It is really impacting my life. I used to love my bed now I'm achy and restless. What can I do to get some relief?"

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Our viewer, who has asked to remain anonymous, is certainly not alone in her experience. Many Chronic Kidney Disease patients, in particular those on Dialysis, and Diabetics struggle with muscle pain. Some days I will be gearing up for a walk on the beach with my father, a Dialysis patient for over 15 years, and he has had difficulty making it just a few feet. On days like those we typically reschedule and let him recoup. Have you ever experienced this issue? Let's investigate it further!

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To be clear, we are not talking about cramps. Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetes, and those on Dialysis have described a vibrating muscle pain throughout their entire body or intense pain in a specific area. Experts suggest that Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetic patients may suffer muscle pain or weakness from complications such as endocrine (collection of glands) or thyroid disorders. Also, muscle pain may be associated with a nerve disorder, Neuropathy, which can affect one muscle group in the body more than others. 

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Moreover, Stiff Man's (or Person's) Syndrome is a Neurological condition that can cause painful contractions and spasms in the back and upper legs of people with severe stress and anxiety. This would include those with Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetes who have to deal with the daily burden of their compromised health. Studies have found muscle pain in people with Chronic Kidney Disease who are also on Dialysis to be closely connected with elevated levels of Phosphorus. 

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While Doctors usually treat their Diabetic and Chronic Kidney Disease patients' muscular pain with Anti-Inflammatory pain relief medications and muscle relaxants such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and Naproxen, muscle pain due to nerve damage has also shown to improve with Anti-Seizure medications such as Pregabalin or Gabapentin. 

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Still, you have some power right in your own hands to take immediate action! Stretching exercises are most suitable for muscle relaxation. Stretching also helps improve your flexibility (even if just slightly), increase your muscle strength, boost your blood circulation, and relieves some of your stress. Also, enjoying a regular message will help release pressure from your muscles and further alleviate anxiety. Both strategies will help improve muscle pain as well as your quality of life, and that is what we all want, right? 

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