Severe Itching Related To Dialysis Treatments Is Overlooked And Undertreated In CKD Patients



Most Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients have experienced Uremic Pruritus, even if they have never heard the name. Commonly referred to as Chronic Itching, upwards of 50% of all Dialysis patients are known to experience this unbearable, seemingly un-scratchable, itching sensation. It is literally, "That itch which Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients cannot scratch" and often causes long-term pain and suffering. However, many patients are forced to suffer alone since this condition is often written-off as a side effect of Dialysis with little attention from a patient's Healthcare Team. That may be the reason that Severe Itching among Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients goes overlooked and undertreated, according to Researchers. However, not anymore; read the following tips for insights on how you can treat and correct Chronic Itching:

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Medical directors ranked effective options for patients with severe Pruritus in order of importance. The top-ranked option was improved Phosphorus control with a better Phosphate Binder regimen. Solutions also include increasing Dialysis Treatment time, and use of prescription medications.

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Additionally, if itching occurs at the beginning of Dialysis Treatments, the patients may have an allergy to the Dialysis machine, the blood tubing, or the type of Heparin being used. recommends utilizing your Healthcare Team to help you identify the specific cause of the irritation. Appropriate changes can then be made to prevent your skin from itching again.

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What's more, there are certain Antihistamines and skin care products that are often used to treat allergies and do in fact help to relieve skin itching. Nevertheless, strongly suggests that before using any of these off-the-shelf products that you check with your Nephrologists about which are safest for you.

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Finally, there are some home remedies that may help limit Chronic Itch. For instance, you can use a professional ice pack sold in your local drugstore or simply apply a pack of vegetables from your freezer to the areas that are itching. You'll quickly experience welcomed relief from your skin itch. Now, be sure that if the itching area is close to your Dialysis AV Fistula, that you (1) do not scratch your site, and (2) talk with you Nephrologist to make sure that this itching solution strategy is the best for you. Also, Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients can talk with their Healthcare Team about adding oatmeal or cornstarch to their bathtub water for quick itch relief.

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