Resolution To Legal Issue Regarding CKD Patients Who Use Fundraising To Get Kidney Transplants

At its root, GoFundMe is an internet platform that allows individuals in need to share their stories to request financial assistance. If an individual's situation is compelling enough, those who care can open their hearts and wallets to support the initiative. Recently, however, Maine Medical Center in Portland suggested that too many people responded to a call to action and they questioned whether the nearly $50,000.00 raised through GoFundMe to support Christine Royles' (Kidney Recipient) Donor, Joshua Dall-Leighton, during Post-transplant recovery would violate laws designed to prevent the sale of organs. Do you think that this was the right thing for the Transplant Center to do? 

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Understandably, the decision to put Christine's Kidney Transplant Procedure on hold came as a shock to many in the Chronic Kidney Disease Community (including Living Kidney Donors) who rely on GoFundMe to fund any residual expenses of their Kidney Transplant Procedure for which their insurance packages do not pay. One Viewer said on the over 22,900 member Fan Page, "What a silly rule. It is like they never want us to get a Kidney Transplant." Another Friend lashed out, "I do not think we should stand for this. Let's get a petition going!" 

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As most Chronic Kidney Disease patients know, there are well over 100,000 individuals on Dialysis and with Kidney Failure who are desperately awaiting a second chance at leading what they deem a fuller and more complete life. For some on the list, receiving a Kidney Transplant is a matter of life and death as 6,657 Kidney Transplant candidates died in 2013 alone while waiting on the Kidney Transplant List, according to  Gift of Life Donor Program. These untimely deaths follow an over 4,500 annual mortality average for Chronic Kidney Disease patients on the Kidney Transplant Waiting List.  

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Well, after much deliberation and legal review, Christine's surgery which was tentatively planned for May 19th, 2015 has been approved and rescheduled for June 16th, 2015, reported Portland Press Herald. In an exciting resolution, the Maine Medical Center Spokesman Matt Paul said, “Following an external legal review of this matter, we are now confident that moving ahead with the transplant procedure will comply with federal laws that are designed to regulate organ transplants and protect living donors."

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The specific matters related to the decision were not disclosed, “out of respect for the privacy and well-being of all parties involved in this case.” However, for those thousands of Chronic Kidney Disease patients and Living Kidney Donors, this decision serves as a relief that they may continue to fundraise for their much needed, life saving Kidney Transplant and Post-operation expenses. 

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