Renal Specialized Pharmacies Which Dialysis Patients Have Access To Appear Easier and Safer To Use

A Chronic Kidney Disease patient announced, "Friends please consider a Renal Specialized Pharmacy if one is available to you." First you may ask what is a Renal Specialized Pharmacy; and second how do you know if there is one near you?

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Well, as the name indicates Renal Specialized Pharmacies cater to Renal patients with Chronic Kidney Disease and specifically those who conduct Dialysis. While your Social Worker or Nurse can direct you to a Renal Specialized Pharmacy, both of the Largest Dialysis Organizations in the United States, Fresenius Medical Care and DaVita Healthcare Partners, offer Renal Specialized Pharmacy Services to all of their patients. 

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Having a Pharmacist who specializes in Renal Care will help to ensure that Chronic Kidney Disease patients receive the most appropriate medicinal dosages given their Kidney Function (or lack thereof) as well as often provides delivery services directly to patients' Dialysis Centers or in some cases home addresses. This prevents them from having to wait in long Pharmacy lines or return for medicine pick-ups.

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DaVita Rx brags that it is a "full-service pharmacy designed specifically for Dialysis patients (Hemodialysis, Home Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis)." Licensed Davita Rx Pharmacists check Dialysis patients' medication carefully for duplicates and drugs that have proven unsafe when taken together. Fresenius Rx shares a similarly lofty charge to go "beyond medications to improve the daily health and well-being of people with kidney disease." 

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You may ask, "How do they go about doing this?" Well, according to a Fresenius Rx Pharmacist which a Team Member had the opportunity to talk with, they "play an integral role in a patient’s coordinated care team." For instance, Fresenius Rx coordinate Dialysis patients' medication and dosage changes with Nephrologists and clinic staff as well as reviews prescribed medications to make sure that they fit into Chronic Kidney Disease patients' overall treatment plans. Staff that work at Fresenius' Renal Specialized Pharmacy are also certified through a partner program with the National Kidney Foundation and the Albany School of Pharmacy.

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"We're here to make life easier," DaVita states on its Rx website. Hence, beyond the monthly reminders, both DaVita Rx and Fresenius Rx allow their patients to conveniently call, fax or electronically submit their prescriptions. DaVita makes life even easier by allowing their customers to choose between three flexible payment plans.    

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In most cases there is no delivery fee and prices (including co-pays) are often set by your insurance company, not by the pharmacy. Moreover, the Renal Specialty Pharmacies accept most Commercial and Government Insurance Plans. Are you interested in learning more or signing up for a Renal Specialty Pharmacy? If you are a DaVita or Fresenius patient and would like more information on their Renal Specialty Pharmacy Programs then just fill out the below information. Also, be sure to Bookmark to get the latest Daily Breaking News and Information which teaches Chronic Kidney Disease patients how to better manage their day-to-day lives

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