Renal Function Recovery Seen In Some Chronic Kidney Disease Patients On Dialysis



Many Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients desire life off of traditional Dialysis. Most are awaiting a Kidney Transplant or Major Breakthroughs as an alternative to Dialysis Treatments and many are told that it is impossible for their function to bounce back to a high enough level to get off of Dialysis. While anecdotal evidence (based on personal accounts rather than facts or research) has always suggested that a small minority of patients can regain function, the following research is now proving that this is, in fact, the case.

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Researchers at BioMed Central Nephrology noted, "Although recovery of renal functions in Dialysis-Dependent patients is estimated to be greater than 1%, there are no indicators that actually suggest such revival of renal function. Residual renal function in dialysis patients is unreliable and seldom followed. Therefore Renal Recovery in Dialysis-Dependent patients may remain unnoticed." What's more, the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology reported that "Roughly 2% of Pediatric patients on maintenance Dialysis recover within 2 years after Dialysis Initiation."

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Hence, while a very small number of patients are able to regain Kidney Function and no longer need Dialysis, it is possible. Moreover, a larger number of patients may regain enough function to no longer need Dialysis (still a small number of overall Dialysis patients), but it may be going unnoticed because there are currently no established benchmarks or indicators to determine if a patients natural Kidney Function is well enough to no longer need Dialysis or to limit treatments.

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A key factor among most who were able to discontinue or limit Dialysis Treatments is that they were still able to urinate. Hence, if you are still urinating and constantly are feeling dried out after treatment, you may consider talking with your Nephrologist about how effective Dialysis is for you. Your Nephrologist can ultimately track your natural Kidney Function, Toxin Clearance, and determine if it would be safe to have fewer Dialysis Treatments or stop Dialysis altogether.

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