Receiving Your Kidney Transplant Call: What You Will Be Told And How To Improve Your Chances


Many Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients who have not received a Kidney Transplant, and those who  received a transplant many years ago, are curious about what their Kidney Transplant Teams  will tell them or ask them over the phone when a Kidney Transplant match is found.  

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Essentially, your Kidney Transplant Team will call and tell you that they have found a match; a bit about the kidney; and whether or not you are a back up. If it is a high risk kidney, then your team will discuss details with you, chances of success, and ask if you are still interested in receiving the transplant. 

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If you decide to follow through with that Kidney Transplant, you will be asked to go to the hospital within a certain window of time. Be sure to plan ahead and have directions to the hospital handy. Pack a bag and have your insurance card ready. Your caregiver should also bring his or her packed bag. When you arrive at the hospital, be ready for medical tests and possibly a long wait for surgery.

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Answer your phone at all times of day or night because the call may be from your Kidney Transplant Center. If your team calls to tell you that a kidney is available, you will likely have to stop eating and drinking to get ready for surgery. You may be asked to shower or bathe beforehand, and will likely be asked whether you have a cold, cough, fever, or other infection. Your doctor will explain which medications and treatments you should continue before surgery.

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Feelings of excitement, eagerness, a peaceful state of readiness, dread, shock, disbelief, and a surge of adrenalin are all normal. You may also feel sadness for the family who lost someone at the same moment you are thrilled to receive the gift of life. Make sure that you are ready for your call and do not be fearful; try to relax as you go through the process of getting your new kidney. Visit daily for similarly important news coverage and information on how to improve your quality of life as well as get a Kidney Transplant sooner. Remember to Like us on Facebook and to Follow us on Twitter @kidneybuzz.

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