Quick and Insightful: Interview with Kidney Transplant Recipient

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The following interview is self-explanatory and insightful.  It is intended to obtain some "gems" from someone who should know because of his experience with both Dialysis and Kidney Transplant.  Hopefully, you will find his answers interesting and valuable.  Should you have additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Result Of A Quick Interview with Kidney Transplant Recipient:

Question: Did the Kidney Transplant give you your normal life back?  How, how not, or how much?

Answer: It is important to remember that  the Kidney Transplant is not a cure.  It is but another treatment option available to you, and therefore you should not have too high of an expectation of how it will change your life.  It is probably the best alternative,  but it will not make you "whole" again.  Nothing will, short of a cure; and one does not  currently exist.

Question: How important is it to take your prescribed medication on schedule?  Do you constantly worry about that?

Answer: It is very important to take the prescribed medication on schedule, and it is  constantly on your mind that you have to take medicines exactly as you have been instructed.

Question: What  are some of the difficulties, if any,  you experienced in waiting for a kidney?

Answer: There is no way to know how long you have to wait for a Kidney from a deceased donor (cadaver).  On the other hand, although you would not have that problem (of not knowing when the donated kidney will arrive) with a family member or friend; there are uncomfortable emotional feelings associated from that scenario, such as feeling guilty.  Especially if the donated kidney does not last.

Question: How often do you worry about your donor kidney not working, and causing you  to return to Dialysis?

Answer: It is a concern, primarily in the early stage of recovery from surgery.  There is a definite realization that if my body rejects the donated kidney that the immediate alternative is Dialysis.

Question: How much do the side effects of the medicine bother you, such as weight gain, etc?

Answer: The side effects of the drugs are a bit of an inconvenience, such as weight gain in the face.  However, both the drugs and weight are reduced as time goes on.

Question: How did your feelings change about the decision to get a Kidney Transplant as time passed?   Specifically, did you feel differently at the 1 year anniversary versus the 3 year versus the  5 year; and are you pleased today?

Answer: On balance, there are significantly more good things that result from obtaining a Kidney Transplant than the inconveniences.  For example, you feel much stronger than when you are Dialysis, and you have more flexibility in your diet.

Question: How much do you worry about acquired infection (s) from the donor kidney itself or due to a weaker immune system from the transplant process?

Answer: Early on, this is a more serious concern because some of the medicine suppresses the immune system to avoid rejection of the donor kidney.  Thus, making you susceptible to infections, but fortunately this vulnerability decreases over time.

Question: Feel free to offer any comments, advice or recommendations regarding success tips for pre and post transplant, employment,  social or life in general:

Answer: With a Kidney Transplant, you wouldn't need to take all of those hours out of your week for Dialysis Treatments, and because you will be stronger too; you could in fact work a full time job if you wish.

We, at KidneyBuzz, sincerely thank you for completing this brief survey.  Rest assured that your identity will not be revealed by us unless we first obtain your permission.

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