Puerto Rico In Crisis As It Struggles To Treat Chronic Kidney Disease And Dialysis Patients




5,600 Americans in Puerto Rico who depend on Dialysis are facing a life-threatening situation in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Due to large-scale electricity, fuel, and clean water shortages, "Many patients and workers in Dialysis clinics are finding it difficult to get fuel for their cars to get to Dialysis centers," according to the Kidney Fund. What's more, there are also many issues with getting patients access to food, prescribed medicines, and lab work. All politics aside, this is a life and death situation for our fellow Dialysis patients who need treatment three times a week to survive. We encourage you to take a moment and sign the following petition to urge Congress to take action by allocating more funds and resources to correct the serious situation in Puerto Rico among the most vulnerable including Dialysis patients.

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The good news is that during emergencies, the chronically ill are always given priority for care. Among the top of the list are Dialysis patients. Hence, some centers are operational in Puerto Rico, but they are running solely on backup generators and using emergency water supplies - they are struggling to remain open. Clearly, this is a short-term strategy that cannot last. What is worse, Dialysis patients cannot make it into treatments due to lack of fuel or take critical medications. Also, due to limited food supplies, it is difficult for patients to maintain their Renal and/or Diabetic diets or process their lab work to determine if their numbers are in appropriate range.

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One publication wrote, "Puerto Rico faces dire medical crisis after storm." Another, "Puerto Rico’s Health Care Is in Dire Condition, Three Weeks After Maria." A third, "‘This Is Like in War’: A Scramble to Care for Puerto Rico’s Sick and Injured." 

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Shockingly, patients' Dialysis Treatment times have been significantly cut back to save fuel for the generators that power the center, reported the New York Times. José L. Cruz (Dialysis patient) had to wake up in the middle of the night to try to secure a spot at a Dialysis Center. Ultimately, after witnessing a woman’s death during Dialysis helped persuade him that he should leave Puerto Rico, rather than keep having to struggle to find a spot in line, noted the report.

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If you stand with the Dialysis patients of Puerto Rico and would like to see them get the quality care that they desperately need, then sign and share the below petition - the matter is urgent:

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