Potential Game-Changer For CKD: Antibiotic Therapy Reduces Dialysis Patient Mortality (Death) By 68%


Gentamicin and Citrate is an Antibiotic Therapy most well known to reduce catheter-related bloodstream infections. Tuesday, July 2nd 2014, Henry Ford Health System announced findings revealing that this Antibiotic Therapy can be used to cut Hemodialysis patient mortality (death) by 68% when compared to the use of Heparin (blood-clotting therapy long considered the standard of care). 

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Additionally, this Gentamicin and Citrate Therapy was associated with a 73% reduction in bloodstream infections as compared to the current Heparin Treatment alternative. This is important for those who conduct Hemodialysis specifically, because bloodstream infections are a major leading cause of hospitalization and even death in this patient population. 

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These figures which highlight disparities in treatments are quite significant, and even more impactful with our understanding that they represent real human lives. Lead Researcher, Dr. Jerry Yee (Nephrology and Hypertension at Henry Ford) suggested, "the antibiotic therapy is a potential game-changer for Hemodialysis treatment." 

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You may be surprised to learn that multiple studies have already illustrated the benefits of using this Gentamicin and Citrate Therapy, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the Infectious Diseases Society of America do not recommend the use of the solution. They note concern for a potential Antimicrobial resistance (harmful bacteria in body resisting Antibiotic drugs) with Gentamicin and Citrate. Dr. Yee suggests, however, "The Gentamicin Citrate solution was shown to be both safe and effective." Moreover, Henry Ford researchers found that Gentamicin Citrate resistance rates have deceased two-fold. 

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What do these findings mean for you? Well, talk with your Nephrologists and share what you have learned here and ask if Gentamicin and Citrate is right for your unique circumstances. For more Daily News & Information about how Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetic Patients can better manage their lives, visit KidneyBuzz.com every day. Also, sign up for our FREE monthly Newsletter to access exclusive interviews, guides, news, and other exciting content (http://www.kidneybuzz.com/freebies/)!    

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