Petition Policies To Boost Living Kidney Donation & Cut Chronic Kidney Disease Patients' Wait Times

5,000 American Chronic Kidney Disease patients are dying every year while awaiting a Kidney Transplant, according to author Wray Herbert. The numbers are not getting any better either as more than 96,000 Chronic Kidney Disease patients across the country are on the Kidney Transplant Waiting List, and each year the list gets longer. While Deceased Donations remain relatively stagnant (unchanged), Living Kidney Donation in states such as Oregon have dropped, reported the Oregonian News.

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"Nobody quite understands why living donation is going down," said Dr. William Bennett (Medical Director of Kidney Transplantation at Legacy Transplant Services). One theory: The Economic Recession has made people reluctant to donate because they would have to take time off work. Regardless, the Oregonian again reminds us that, "This year, more than 4,500 people in the United States will likely die waiting for a kidney," and there are no policies in place to incentivize Living Kidney Altruistic (Selfless) Donation. 

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WaitList Zero makes a compelling point that, "Unfortunately, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) (federal agency responsible for organ donation) does not yet support policies to increase Living Kidney Donation." What's more, Georgetown University highlights the critical fact that while between 11% and 54% of people say they would consider making an Altruistic Donation, there were only 955 altruistic kidney donations during the decade (10 year period) they studied. Hence, additional factors must be available to nudge potential Living Altruistic Kidney Donors to actually act on their impulse, and effective policies may provide those factors.

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Although HRSA, the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network, as well as the United Network for Organ Sharing all deserve credit for the great work they continue to do to increase Deceased Donation, is calling for the Chronic Kidney Disease Community's voice to request that these agencies provide policies that increase Living Kidney Donation as well. This slight change may make a life saving difference for thousands of Chronic Kidney Disease patients waiting on the Kidney Transplant List. Please sign the below petition and share it with others in the community. 

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Also, click here and sign up for the Find A Kidney Donor Campaign to order a free, fully optimized Facebook page and customized bio to share your story and improve your chances of connecting with a potential Living Kidney Donor who wants to donate for pure altruism. For more Daily News & Information about how Chronic Kidney Disease patients can better manage and improve their lives, visit every day. 

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