Our Hope For Chronic Kidney Disease Patients And Their Families



(This was adapted  from Hope International for the Chronic Kidney Disease Community)

- Where there is a feeling of tragedy, we hope that they receive joy;

- Where there is a feeling of loneliness; we hope that they receive community; and

- Where there is a feeling of poverty, we hope that they receive abundance.

Because despite such brokenness in their lives, we truly believe that God will keep his promise as stated in Revelation 21:5 to "make all things new."

With Much Love,

The KidneyBuzz.com Team

Our mission is to teach those with Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, Kidney Transplant, Diabetes, and High Blood Pressure how to better manage and improve their lives.



“Hi friends,
I want to personally thank you for your help and support. I was recently taken to the hospital by ambulance due to an issue. My "No Bp No Stick bracelet saved my fistula from the fire department trying to place an IV in my arm I have my fistula in. 
Thank you for your help and support. 
I also want to thank you for your help and support in the find a donor campaign. I am having good success with it as well as with offline efforts. 
Thank you for your help and support. 😀 Blessings to all” - David Mickelsen

“Am in Africa and your articles have kept me alive! Kidney Buzz is saving many lives!” - Elvis Kwaku Bediako

“Dear Kidneybuzz, I am so happy to report that I have received a pair of pediatric kidneys, and am doing very well. Thanks for all of your supports during the most difficult times in my life. Thank you and God bless.” - Ann Ngo

"While I'm doing my dialysis treatments at home, I enjoy the articles at KidneyBuzz. It keeps me informed as well as pass the time during a treatment." - Greg Gottesman

"Love the site and everything it has to offer." - Frank Ortega

"I've had CKD for 20 years. I had a transplant in 2002 and this past year my kidney started to fail. I'm back on dialysis. While searching for 'Renal' info, I discovered your site. It's interesting and informative. I'm interested in anything that is happening in the kidney community. Thank you." - Kelly Fox

"I think KidneyBuzz is a great tool for CKD patients and anyone else who is interested in finding out more about their own kidney health." - Freddie Hale

"Thank you so much for you feed back!!! It is a blessing to us to have you guys in our corner." -- Travis Collins

"I found a lot of helpful INFO on here love it! Great things to know entering this world....." -- Mike OG Tamale King‎

"Truly amazing, can't wait! Thank you , JESUS! Thank you for this great organization that keeps us informed and offers hope, GOD bless everyone at KidneyBuzz, YOU ARE THE BEST! Of all the emails I receive yours is very valuable!" -- Joseph Cannestra 

"Just happened to stumble across this web site. Very informative. So happy to have found this and its a wealth of info." -- Julene Brown

"Hi, I just discovered this blog and LOVE it. I'm a social worker at a dialysis clinic...Keep up the good work." -- Kay Dunlap (Dialysis Social Worker)

"It's really nice to know I am not alone with CKD and that others have the same issues I do. I thought I was making myself sick. In the last week I have learned more from all the articles than a year with my doctors and nurses. Thank you for the wealth of knowledge you are providing." -- JHil EnFuego

"Hello I just wanted to let you know I work in a dialysis clinic and over half of our clinic reads this page, we enjoy everything you put on and love to have new information. My patients are a very grateful" -- Erica Ashley Jenkins (Professional Testimonial)

"What a great site. I thought I knew quite a bit about CKD after suffering for 26 years but I've learned a lot since finding KidneyBuzz. I'm awaiting my 2nd transplant but will be checking into your site regularly, even though I live in England and some of the information is not relevant to me." -- Catherine MacKenzie

"I found your website very informative. Thanks a lot for working for a very noble cause." -- Kashif Munawar

"Praise God for KidneyBuzz." -- Charles Griffin

"Keep up the great work!" -- Alaina Christine Davidson

"Taking my search for a kidney a step further thanks to the inspiration from your articles!!!" -- Michael Anthony Hermogeno


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