News Reporter Fired Over Shocking Negative Comments Against CKD/Dialysis Patients



A newscaster was fired after shockingly stating, “Public funds must not be spent for the treatment of 'self-induced' Dialysis patients! If they cannot afford it and cry, just kill them!" Although the host of the popular Japanese show, News Real Friday, suggested that he made these outrageous comments to gain followers, his statement highlights a severe global lack of understanding and empathy for the plight of Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients. For further proof, just take a look at the following comments made by nurses in the United States about their Dialysis patients:

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Nephrology nurse, Pamela Dougherty's negative and uncaring comments about Dialysis patients have become infamous in the Chronic Kidney Disease Community - telling a ProPublica journalist, “‘People [Dialysis patients] waltz in when they want to. There is too little asked of patients in my opinion. When you’re getting assistance, there should be hoops to jump through so that you’re paying a price for your behavior. What’s wrong with that?'”

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Unfortunately, Pamela is not alone in her misguided sentiments. One nurse suggested in a public forum that Dialysis patients, "are too lazy to open their own Splenda packets." Another nurse added, "Oh dear. I know those kinds of patients: 'Can you tear open this?' 'Can you scratch that?' on and on and on. I have the same feelings about a select few of my patients that you have as well. I often wonder, 'What the heck do they do at home?!'"

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Yet another Healthcare professional noted, "Good grief, some patients want to revert back to being 9-month-old infants!!! They also like to ask requests one at a time. Then, after you wait on them hand-and-foot all shift with the patience of a Saint, they turn on you in an instant when their latest trivial request is not immediately granted."

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Let's be clear, most Healthcare Professionals try their very best to be empathetic and caring. In no way is attempting to suggest that everyone in the Healthcare Industry or even the general public holds contempt for Dialysis patients. However, stands totally opposed to outrageous and harmful comments such as the ones stated above. These insensitive sentiments and fundamentally wrong-headed beliefs can make Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients' lives more difficult, stressful, and in some cases could result in poor health outcomes.

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It is important for every Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patient to realize that it is not your fault that you are sick or that others do not recognize the challenges you must deal with every day just to survive. 

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One reason that others do not fully understand the struggles of Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients is simply a lack of awareness. Many patients agree with this. One Chronic Kidney Disease patient noted, "I think you are right, but the question remains the same: What are we going to do about it?" is striving to keep Chronic Kidney Disease patients connected as well as raise awareness and exposure of the Chronic Kidney Disease Community as a whole in order to let others know how they may help support patients in leading better and higher quality lives. If you care to support this important initiative then sign up for your yearly membership to the Connect program (click here).

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What do you think about these terrible and misinformed comments made by the Newscaster as well as Healthcare Professionals? Penning Sondergaard said, "Ignorance is bliss. These are the only words adequately describing the opinions of people like Mrs. Dougherty..." Share your response with the over 49,000 Friends at the Facebook Fan Page (click here). Also, Like the Facebook Fan Page and consider following the over 120,000 monthly visitors on for your Number One (1) source of Daily News, Information, Impact Meals, Inspirational Quotes, and tailored Products and Services which teaches Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, Kidney Transplant, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure patients how to better manage and improve their lives.

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