Newer Procedure Allows Kidney Transplant To Be Donated To Second CKD Recipient After First Dies

Modern medicine has allowed for many great breakthroughs to occur within the Chronic Kidney Disease Community. The continuation of such progress is critical since well over 400,000 Dialysis patients are actively conducting treatments and more than 100,000 Chronic Kidney Disease patients are awaiting a Kidney Transplant for more than 5 to 7 years on average. Typically, Kidney Donation is initiated by a kind hearted individual who has never experienced Kidney Failure or life on Dialysis. However, new findings as well as lesser known procedures highlight the fact that others in the community who have received a Kidney Transplant can also potentially serve as Deceased Kidney Donors.

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A recent report by FOX News Network, LLC. which was shared by Donate Life, described a man that donated his kidney to his son who at 36 years old was suffering Kidney Failure. Due to an unfortunate turn of events, the undisclosed man's son died of a sudden massive stroke. Rather than allowing the functioning Kidney go to waste, doctors requested that it be given to, Ioan Arnau who at only age 51 was undergoing Dialysis. Now, after a three (3) hour surgery, "doctors are optimistic about Arnau’s chances for a full recovery." Doctors also mentioned, "The kidney started working from the surgery table and it is producing urine."

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What an amazingly ironic and heartwarming story where three men were able to use one (1) kidney to offer another a second chance at life. The father who initially donated his kidney suggested that, "seeing how greatly his son’s life improved, he wanted to share that same opportunity with another individual." 

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While this was the first time a procedure of this kind was undertaken in Romania, many Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients likely do not know, "Transplanted Kidneys have previously been removed from recipients who’ve died and given to another patient," noted the New York publication Medical Daily. Worldwide, however, only 30 procedures of this kind have been carried out, it is estimated by the Gazelle News. Hence, Chronic Kidney Disease patients who have already received a Kidney Transplant and understand the difficulties associated with Kidney Failure and Dialysis as well as those currently waiting on the Kidney Transplant list, should discuss Deceased Donation with their Kidney Transplant Team. Also, share this article with others so that they too may discuss being a Deceased Donor. 

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