NEW Tasty And Affordable Dialysis Protein Supplement To Boost Energy And Nutrient Intake

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Many patients struggle with low energy levels and have difficulty balancing their nutrients. While they may try various supplements and protein drinks, they often do not taste good and are difficult to take down. In other cases, patients may struggle with the cost of their protein supplement(s). Well, Vidafuel (the only food/diet solution company specifically for Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients) has been working with its Renal (Kidney) Dietitians for the past two (2) years to provide patients a better solution. It is now officially here!

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The Vidafuel protein shot, Wellness Protein Supplement, offers patients a 32 fluid ounce protein solution with natural flavors of Berries and Cream and Citrus Burst (click here to request more information). There are a whopping 16 servings per container so patients get their monies worth. What’s more, each serving is only 2 fluid ounces so Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients do not have to have an entire drink which can disrupt fluid intake levels.

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Vidafuel continues to work diligently on behalf of the Chronic Kidney Disease Community, including those on Dialysis. You can grab the NEW Wellness Protein Supplement at the Vidafuel website - take your SHOT and give the new Wellness Protein Supplement a try for yourself or your loved one(s):

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