New Stem Cell Therapy Could Replace Need For Kidney Transplants




Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients are excited about the prospect of breakthroughs to help alleviate the need for Dialysis or even traditional Kidney Transplants. New findings from Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) is showing more promise than ever before to allow Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients a higher quality of life and improved longevity with their promising potential stem cell breakthrough.

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Scientists are working on a promising approach to treat Chronic Kidney Disease and Kidney Failure by harnessing the unique properties of human Amniotic Fluid-Derived Stem Cells (the mixture of stem cells that can be obtained from the fluid surrounding a fetus within the innermost membrane that encloses the embryo of a mammal). Wake Forest University Researchers have demonstrated that the cells could potentially help recover Kidney Function in those with Kidney Disease and even Kidney Failure. Basically, the Amniotic Fluid-Derived Stem Cells are therapeutic and appear to help the "regeneration of damaged tissues," according to Science Daily.

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"Our results indicate that this type of stem cell could be used as an off the shelf universal cell source and may provide an alternative therapeutic strategy for patients suffering from this chronic and debilitating disease," said Senior Researcher Dr. James J. Yoo (Professor of Regenerative Medicine). The WFIRM team of researchers have been attempting to tackle kidney disease and the shortage of organs in a variety of ways for over a decade. In fact, Wake Forest University pioneered research on 3D Bioprinting of tissues and organs.

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Now they are finding in animal testing that by injecting Amniotic Fluid Stem Cells into a diseased kidney appears to directly lead to improvement of kidney function based on measured waste levels after 10 weeks. Biopsy findings showed reduced damage to the cluster of capillaries where waste products are filtered from the blood. What great news!

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Much more research is needed, but Researchers appear reasonably optimistic at this time. "Our studies demonstrate that treatment with Amniotic Fluid Stem Cells had positive effects on functional improvement and structural recovery of the kidney," said Dr. Anthony Atala (Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine Director and a co-author of the paper).

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