New Method For Conducting Dialysis Improves Treatments By 50% For Chronic Kidney Disease Patients


Many think that Dialysis duplicates or approaches "normal Kidney Function." However, as most Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients are aware, that is sadly not the case. While Dialysis does a good job, it falls far short of optimum Kidney Function which means there are toxins left in a Dialysis patient's body. However, Berlin University Researchers have discovered a new treatment method which allows up to fifty percent (50%) more toxins to be removed from the blood of Dialysis patients. 

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Even ‘optimal’ Dialysis Treatments cannot replace normal kidneys since healthy kidneys function twenty-four (24) hours a day for seven (7) days a week. Another major difference between Dialysis and functioning kidneys is that, until now, conventional Dialysis techniques have been unable to filter out toxins in protein form. Dr. Walter Zidek said, "once the connection between toxins and proteins has been broken, the toxins can be removed from the patient's blood using conventional Dialysis technology, and the patient's overall burden of toxins is reduced."

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Well, the good news for Dialysis patients everywhere is that newly developed technology "makes it possible to separate toxic substances from proteins," - cutting toxins by 50%. This could potentially mean much improved treatments AND "a considerable reduction in the length of Dialysis sessions."

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Not only does this new exciting technology promise an increase in Chronic Kidney Disease patients' quality of life, it also is expected to greatly contribute to improved survival times. What's more, this technology is not just going to sit in a university lab. It has already been purchased by a private firm that has promptly scheduled the final testing stage, a clinical trial in patients, for next year.

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