New List Of Top Transplant Centers Offering The Most Kidney Transplants To CKD & Dialysis Patients


© ALL CREDIT TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. regularly offers up to date rankings of the most active Kidney Transplant Centers because it gives patients critical insights to which Kidney Transplant Centers are offering the most Kidney Transplants. Top active Kidney Transplant Centers are institutions who have offered the most kidneys to the most number of patients. If you saw the last ranking (click here) you will likely note a few familiar centers as well as see some notable names missing. Check out the rankings below of the most active Kidney Transplant Centers in the United States. 

1. University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) - 354
2. Jackson Memorial Hospital - 353
3. University of California, Davis Medical Center - 306
4. Ronald Reagan University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center - 304
5. Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital, Texas - 290
6. University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics - 280
7. Mayo Clinic Hospital, Arizona - 269
8. The Johns Hopkins Hospital - 259
9. University of Maryland Medical System - 252
10. Saint Barnabas Medical Center, New Jersey - 247
11. Barnes-Jewish Hospital - 239
12. Emory University Hospital (major proponent for using Social Media to connect with selfless Living Kidney Donors) - 233
13. NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center - 232
14. The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center - 225
15. University of Alabama Hospitals - 224

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The rankings are listed as reported by Nephrology News & Issues magazine which are a compilation of data released by the Organ Procurement and Transplant Network, a private, not-for-profit entity with an expertise in organ procurement and transplantation. Did your Kidney Transplant Center make the top 50 List? If not, would you consider being listed at any of the Transplant Centers ranked above? 

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