New Home Nocturnal Dialysis Treatment Expected To Greatly Improve CKD Patients' Quality Of Life

Dr. Brigitte Schiller (Chief Medical Officer of Satellite Healthcare) said, "For years, patients and physicians in the United States have been asking for a Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared Home Nocturnal Hemodialysis option for the improved outcomes and quality of life the modality can deliver." On Monday, December 22nd, 2014 the leader in Home Dialysis, NxStage Medical, Inc., outreached to directly to request that we announce for the first time ever, the FDA has approved the Home Nocturnal Hemodialysis option.

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This is not a light matter. The new approval is huge news because the merits of Nocturnal Hemodialysis have been well documented and include patients having more control over their life because they have more time during daylight hours to work, attend school, take care of their children and enjoy social events like "everyone else." In fact, Chronic Kidney Disease patients on Dialysis said they have a better quality of life and feel "more normal" because their treatments are scheduled during nonproductive time, when they would be “sleeping anyway,” according to DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc.

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Moreover, researchers have found that patients have a better Kt/V which indicates their blood is cleaner as well as feeling better physically and emotionally with a new "zest for life." Also, while Nocturnal Hemodialysis lasts twice as long as day-time Hemodialysis, patients skip fewer treatments and due to the machine running slower there is an increased survival associated with this modality (treatment type). 

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You may think, "Nocturnal Hemodialysis cannot be that great because more people would utilize it." Well unfortunately, many Dialysis patients (which may even include you) are unable to take advantage of the wonderful health and lifestyle benefits of Nocturnal Hemodialysis  because they do not have access to the transportation currently necessary for In-Center treatment, and many patients cannot comfortably sleep at their Dialysis Center three nights a week. 

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Now thanks to NxStage, those obstacles have been overcome and soon ALL Dialysis patients will have access to the life improving benefits of Home Nocturnal Hemodialysis. You should know that the portable NxStage's System One is the first and only Hemodialysis machine cleared by the FDA for patients and providers to perform Home Hemodialysis overnight while sleeping. 

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Jeffrey Burbank (Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NxStage) suggested that this did not just happen "overnight" (pun intended), but occurred after a rigorous safety clinical trial  and "our experience in delivering over 10 million treatments with the System One around the world." NxStage is actively preparing for a full U.S. market launch in 2015. Hence, this is a treatment option which you may consider discussing with your Healthcare Team. 

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