Dialysis Patient Tailored Drink Most Have Been Missing, Proven To Do Wonders For Health Outcomes

To most Dialysis patients, Nepro does not mean much. Some recognize it as a supplement, but think that they "don't need to take it?" Well, did you know that in a study of this Dialysis patient tailored drink supplement, patients on Dialysis had increased serum albumin (a type of protein in the blood) as well as improved energy, nutritional well-being, and better managed blood sugar levels thanks to a unique carbohydrate blend? 

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As you likely know, when protein intake is too low, or of poor quality, your Albumin decreases. This causes your body to break down essential muscles and fats in order to provide important amino acids (aids in building muscle tissue) needed for the body to work efficiently. Formally referred to as Protein-Energy Wasting, this process can cause weakness, vulnerability to infection, depression, and other health compromising conditions.

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Nepro is a leading supplement to combat Albumin as well as replace other nutrients Chronic Kidney Disease patients may have lost during their Dialysis Treatments. The 8 ounce serving is low in phosphorus (45mg to 90 mg), potassium (23mg to 30 mg), and sodium (20mg to 188 mg), and can be used as a meal replacement, a quick on-the-go option or as a supplement to the meals you eat.   

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KidneyBuzz.com was compelled to share Nepro with our viewers because regular visitors to our website as well as KidneyBuzz.com Facebook Fans have personally shared their excitement. Some real-life comments include:  

Have you heard of Nepro? I am planning to order some in the morning for the father in law. What are your thoughts?

My Dad loves Nepro, it has really helped his Dialysis. 

I have become obsessed with Nepro, vanilla kind, with crushed ice. Mmmm.

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Yes, this drink is offered in three flavors including Vanilla, Mixed Berry and Butter Pecan. The drink is naturally and artificially flavored, and our viewers say they are delicious. By the way all flavors are suitable for lactose intolerance and are Kosher. As great as Nepro seems to be, make sure you work with your Dietitian before adding this drink to your diet, so that you ensure it does not interfere with your long-term health in any way. 

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