Bill Would Give Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Who Use Medicinal Marijuana Equal Transplant Rights

If the adage is correct, "As goes California, there goes the rest of the nation," then the Bill AB 258 could mean big news for Chronic Kidney Disease patients throughout the United States! Already approved by the California Assembly on April 30th, 2015, AB 258 will protect  patients who are suffering with Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis and other complications from being inadvertently kicked off the Organ Transplant List because of doctor prescribed Medical Cannabis (Marijuana) use, suggested its author Marc Levine (Marin County Assemblyman). AB 258 is now headed to the Senate and supporters of the Bill are "confident it will be passed and signed into law this Summer," according to Fox Television Stations, Inc. affiliate, KTVU News.

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This comes as welcomed news for many of the 22,002 Californians who are currently waiting on the Organ Transplant List. Similarly, the 18,621 Chronic Kidney Disease patients listed in California who use Medicinal Marijuana to help them eat, sleep, improve their moods, and energy levels will also be pleased to hear of AB 258.

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It is true that each Kidney Transplant Center sets its own rules for Marijuana use in Transplant patients, including those on the Kidney Transplant Waiting List and some Transplant Centers even allow their patients to use edible Marijuana products instead of smoking. However, Specialists such as Dr. Maurizio Bonacini suggested that there are, "Sound medical reasons for prohibiting pot before Transplant."

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For instance, Marijuana might contain a fungus called, Aspergillis, which can actually be fatal in patients after transplantation. What's more, doctors are concerned about the suppression of a Chronic Kidney Disease patient's immune system because it places, "patients at risk for diseases, including cancer, that he says [Dr. Bonacini] are associated with smoking pot," stated KTVU News. Some Specialists have prescribed Marinol (Tetrahydrocannabinol) to correct vomiting and improve appetite when other medicines do not work. 

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Still, for the many Chronic Kidney Disease patients in California who find that they have no other choice but to use Medicinal Marijuana to address the side effects of their diseases, AB 258 comes as great news indeed! Do you support the implementation of AB 258, and should other states follow California's example? Share your thoughts with the over 20,000 Facebook Fan Page Friends by clicking here. Also, sign the below petition to show your support for or against this new Bill by completing the below form.

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