Nephrologist (Kidney Doctor) Donates A Kidney - Highlights How Safe It Is To Be A Living Kidney Donor

Surgeon Anil Paramesh and Dr. Rizwan Badar

Surgeon Anil Paramesh and Dr. Rizwan Badar

There are two main reasons that more patients on Dialysis or nearing treatment do not receive a Kidney Transplant: (1) Not enough people know about their need for a Kidney Transplant, and (2) Those that know about their need are fearful of the process. Well, when Dr. Rizwan Badar (Nephrologist in Southern California), found out that his brother needed a lifesaving Kidney Transplant he did not hesitate and immediately stepped forward. The following are the reasons he chose to donate which offers patients insights that may help them connect with their Living Kidney Donor.

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As most Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients know, a Kidney Transplant can restore an individual’s long-term health and quality of life. While Dialysis does help preserve patients' lives, "it cannot compete with the benefits of receiving a real organ," according to American Society of Nephrology. However, over 100,000 patients are waiting on the Kidney Transplant List and nearly 5,000 patients die every year without ever getting a call from the list. That is why more patients must actively share their stories (click here for help from and learn as much as they can about a potential donor's concerns, fears, and true feelings. For Dr. Badar, who was familiar with the idea of Living Kidney Donation, his choice appeared to be almost immediate.

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“My brother was basically living out by the beach, enjoying a normal life. He was very social and always liked to go out with friends,” Dr. Badar said. “But then when he went into kidney failure and needed Dialysis, like many of my patients, it changed everything.” The good doctor's older brother, Owais Badar, was a paralegal until he experienced Kidney Failure about 5 years ago, due to uncontrolled High Blood Pressure. In addition, Owais was experiencing early stage heart failure, and his doctors were concerned that performing a transplant would be extremely dangerous so they did not place him on the transplant waiting list right away. Luckily his heart condition did improve enough for him to be placed on the Kidney Transplant Waiting List and eligible to receive a Kidney Transplant. “His surgeons decided that if Owais ever had the opportunity to get a kidney, it should happen as soon as possible,” Dr. Badar recalled.

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Seeing that his brother was feeling more and more like a shadow of himself as Dialysis Treatments continued, he was tested and once found to be a match, followed through with donating his kidney. Dr. Badar suggested that the procedure for him was simple, “I just had to shower with a special antiseptic shampoo for 24 hours prior to the surgery to lessen the amount of bacteria on my body, and then show up.” 

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He explained that it was a bit more involved for his brother, the recipient, and his team of doctors. Fortunately, the procedures both went without a hitch which is typical, and Owais started producing urine on the surgical table practically as soon as the surgeons connected the kidney. He has not needed dialysis since, and there were no complications from the surgery. Although the recovery is a relatively short two weeks, Dr. Badar said he now understands just how painful it can be at times, as well as how the procedure can cause apprehension and tension among families. Even though his wife and parents were worried, they all knew it was the best thing to do and supported his decision. He says he would do it again in a heartbeat if he could.

Considered a Hero by many, the doctor now speaks with patients and their families about donation from his own firsthand experience. While he can empathize with the idea that Kidney Donation can be scary, he also notes that the statistics are in favor of people doing very well afterward. “The slogan I stand by is ‘Share the Spare,’” he said. “Plus, being able to save a life is amazing.”

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