Negative Comments By Dialysis Nurse About CKD Patients Met With Controversy & Outrage

  © ALL CREDIT TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS./image is not of nurse discussed in article.

© ALL CREDIT TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS./image is not of nurse discussed in article.

Most people would approach Dialysis patients with empathy and care. Ultimately, understanding that most are suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease and Kidney Failure due to no fault of their own, and all patients are doing their best. This is not the case, however, as a 43-year-old Dialysis Nurse, Pamela Dougherty, was quoted in a New York Times article stating that Dialysis patients had a "sense of entitlement" and do not want to work. "Too little is asked of patients," said Dougherty.

The misinformed nurse continued her onslaught about Dialysis patients, "People waltz in when they want to...When you’re getting assistance, there should be hoops to jump through so that you’re paying a price for your behavior." Her incorrect premise stems from the idea that people with kidney disease should "remain productive," but, "only a small fraction of the 54 people getting Dialysis at her center had regular jobs."

Recommended Reading: Experts May Be Wrong As New Assessments Adjust Best Weight To Increase CKD Dialysis Patient Survival stands totally opposed to the outrageous and harmful  comments of this Iowa Dialysis Nurse. However, she is not alone. One nurse noted, "She is spot on." Another nurse commented, "I too am a Dialysis nurse. I encounter some patients who work a full 40 hr week and come for treatment on the evening shift, others do Dialysis first then work evenings. I also have those who are capable of working but choose not to for whatever reason. But the most eye-opening conversation I had with the patient who didn't want to be on a transplant list because if he got one after two years he would, 'have to go to work' to pay for the medicine. I find it sad that someone chooses to spend 4 hrs 3 times a week hooked to a machine in order to avoid having to go to work."

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Having such insensitive nurses with these fundamentally wrong-headed beliefs responsible for the lives of Dialysis patients is bad for the Healthcare System and could result in bad health outcomes for patients.  Some patient comments include:


 Laura Lively: Wow, this gal makes it seem like getting Dialysis is something people choose to do! What a thoughtless girl. 

Henning Sondergaard: Ignorance is bliss. These are the only words adequately describing the opinions of people like Mrs. Dougherty... 

Dee Blanks: I think you are all right, but the question remains the same. What are we going to do about it? 

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