Muscle Fatigue And Leg Weakness In Chronic Kidney Disease And Diabetic Patients

Muscle fatigue is a feeling of tiredness, exhaustion or lack of energy in legs or arms that makes you get tired even after a few steps. It can greatly impact your quality of life, making you fell like not doing ANYTHING except resting to regain your strength - only to find that you still feel weak afterward.  One viewer wrote, "Just wondering, does anyone else deal with constant fatigue in their legs? My appetite and numbers are both fine, and I feel pretty good otherwise, but when it comes to walking around I can only take a few steps and then I feel exhausted. I really need a solution." 

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If you have Chronic Kidney Disease, you are more prone for muscle fatigue and leg weakness because your damaged or already failed kidneys cannot circulate oxygen or filter waste out of your blood. Also, High Blood Sugar has been linked to leg tiredness in those with Diabetes. 

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In either case,  tiredness in the legs when walking or climbing stairs as well as cramping and pain may not sound like the symptoms of a serious condition, and in fact many people believe that they are normal signs of aging. However they can actually be signs of Peripheral Arterial Disease, a severe condition that can lead to Gangrene (bacterial infection that produces gas within tissues) and amputation if left untreated. This disease affects between 8 to 12 million Americans and those with Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease are at an elevated risk. So if you have these symptoms, be sure to tell your Specialists.

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Now we are really getting down to the possible reason(s) for your leg tiredness. Another possibility to why you may be dealing with this challenge is your Statin (cholesterol medication) regimen. Due to the fact that Diabetics as well as Chronic Kidney Disease patients suffer an increased risk of heart related deaths, most take Statins to manage their cholesterol and decrease their risk. You should be aware, however, that muscle weakness from Statins can be a serious side effect and should be brought to the attention of your Healthcare Team right away. In fact severe muscle breakdown has also been related to deaths from popular Statin meds such as, now recalled, Baycol.   

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If you are dealing with leg weakness, your quality of life is undoubtedly impacted. However you should not settle by deeming this a natural deterioration of your body due to old age, Diabetes, or Chronic Kidney Disease. YOU can take action! Print this article and go down the list with your Specialists to help determine possible solutions. What's more, visit us at everyday for the most up-to-date and breaking news and information about how Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetic patients can better manage their lives.

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