Medical Breakthrough: Drone Delivers Kidney To Chronic Kidney Disease And Dialysis Patient For Transplant



In a new attempt to allow more Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients access to Kidney Transplants that are more successful and last longer, Flying Drones are being deployed. This may be a game-changer as KidneyBuzz, Patients, and Professionals all are looking for ways to limit the time on the Kidney Transplant List and improve Kidney Transplant longevity while minimizing errors and complications. You can view the video below:

For the best shot at saving lives, kidneys must be transplanted as quickly as possible after they are removed from donors' bodies. However, usual methods of transporting potentially life-saving kidneys have significant limitations and can take too long - impacting short-term and long-term function.

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"Charters are too expensive, commercial aircraft is too slow and small aircraft at inconvenient hours are dangerous to transplant teams," said Dr. Joseph R. Scalea (University of Maryland School of Medicine). Drone delivery could cut the time organs spend in transit by 70 percent, he added.

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That is why news of this ‘Drone Kidney Delivery’ practice (or as we call it at KidneyBuzz Drone Ubers) already being implemented is promising. A custom-made drone roughly the size of a washing machine lifted off from a neighborhood in southwestern Baltimore and flew a human kidney to a nearby hospital, where a team of surgeons successfully transplanted the organ into a critically ill patient. Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patient, Trina Glipsy (44) was the recipient of the successfully implant and she is very grateful for the technology and the kidney.

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This is a procedure that took 3 years to pull off, but its success could allow for kidneys to be rapidly transported across the country, improving viability, cutting kidney waste, and reducing wait times. Would you trust a drone to deliver your kidney for transplant? Do you think that this is a viable practice across the country? Share your experience and insights with the over 91,000 Friends who have liked on Facebook (click here). Also, follow the over 300,000+ monthly individual viewers who visit regularly for the latest daily news and information which teach those with Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, Kidney Transplant, Diabetes, and Hypertension how to better manage and improve their lives. Erica Ashley Jenkins (Dialysis Nurse) said, "Hello I just wanted to let you know I work in a dialysis clinic and over half of our clinic reads this page, we enjoy everything you put on and love to have new information. My patients are very grateful."

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