Man Explained Why He Chose To Donate His Kidney To A Complete Stranger With Chronic Kidney Disease

"Some of my friends have told me that although they support me, I’d better not give anything else away," said Joe Slater as he discussed what drove him to donate a kidney anonymously and altruistically (out of the kindness of his heart). Altruistic Kidney Donors such as Joe are typically rare, but are becoming more frequent. Joe's story serves as a great example to inspire Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients in need to reach out beyond their circle of family and friends. 

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In the United States, only 1,100 people have donated kidneys anonymously over the past 20 years. Moreover, in 2011 (the latest year complete statistics are available) there were just 159 anonymous kidney donors in the United States which is a mere fraction of the over 100,000 Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients currently waiting for a Kidney Transplant, as well as the 6,657 Kidney Transplant candidates who died while waiting on the list in 2013 alone. 

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Hence, it is to the benefit of those Chronic Kidney Disease and patients conducting Dialysis who desire a Kidney Transplant to understand why Joe would be willing to give his right kidney to a complete stranger. This can help patients (1) better identify potentially willing living kidney donors, and (2) improve their chances of receiving a Kidney Transplant. 

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Joe wanted to donate after seeing a news report about Altruistic Donation. He said that he thought, “wow, that’s an interesting thing to do.” After beginning the process, Joe found comfort in the fact that, "They were always very clear there was no obligation on me at any point in the proceedings, or that I had to keep going ahead with it." 

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Why anonymously? Slater, noted that he ultimately chose to donate anonymously because he thought it would be "a little awkward." He said, "What do you say? ‘Can I buy you a drink?’" Still, the PhD student is happy with his decision and believes that "whoever has it [his kidney] is making good use of it anyway."

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An avid donor, Joe Slater, mentioned that he has donated blood 20 times as well as stem cells. He is well educated, single and would be less likely to donate a kidney if he was trying to start a family at this time. 

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These insights may help Chronic Kidney Disease patients who are currently on the waiting list connect with their life saving kidney donors. What is clear is that there are hundreds of people out there willing to donate altruistically, especially if they understand a patient's personal story.

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Anne Paschke (spokeswoman for the United Network for Organ Sharing in Richmond, Virginia) said, "We've seen a steady increase in calls [from individuals interested in Altruistic Donation] each year," according to Chicago Tribune. Experts suggest that the jump is likely because of, "the Internet, emotional videos on YouTube and the reach of Social Media." 

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Therefore, Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients should not wait on the sidelines. Now more so than ever before, patients have the opportunity to reach out and touch a potential Living Kidney Donor. Take action by sharing with your family and friends as well as using social media and other internet platforms to spread your story. If you would like help, is here for you. Consider signing up with the Find A Kidney Donor Campaign which has already proven that it can help to connect willing altruistic donors with Chronic Kidney Disease patients in need (click here).

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Man Explained Why He Chose To Donate His Kidney To A Complete Stranger With Chronic Kidney Disease

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