Major Step Forward For Portable Artificial Kidney. First Date Given For When To Expect It On Market

“Is there any new info on the artificial kidney? Most of the info I read is from 2013,” a viewer stated on our Fan Page. The question is timely because just today, Friday May 23, 2014, found that 3 large companies (Debiotech, AWAK, and Neokidney Development) are joining forces to develop and deliver the World’s first ever Portable Artificial Kidney. 

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What great news, right! Unlike most updates on this topic of continued interest among the Kidney Community, we now have been given dates for when we can expect patients to be able to use the Artificial Kidney. According to Market Watch, “Together, the partners have all the technology, expertise and resources needed.” The partners have committed themselves to completing a functional model in 2015. The product will be ready for clinical trials by 2017, and soon after Debiotech develop commercial agreements in the interest of patients throughout world. Hence, the 2020 and 2050 dates for similar technologies has been greatly collapsed.

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Are you getting excited?! Let’s talk specifics regarding this Portable Artificial Kidney. First of all, it is NOT implanted into your body. There are different companies who are designing Implantable Artificial Kidneys, but this is more like a very compact, miniaturized dialysis machine that patients can easily walk with. It will be lighter, run slower, and you will be able to keep it running for a much longer period of time. Scientific research has already established that frequent and longer dialysis limits the side effects for Chronic Kidney Disease patients, including dialysis “hangover,” cardiovascular stress, and increases in life expectancy.

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Rest assured, however, this device is expected to be very portable so you will not be tied to a machine as you conduct your treatment. Gerard Boekhoff, Neokidney Board Member said, “This first truly portable hemodialysis machine represents a major step from therapy compliant patients to patient compliant therapies."

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The impact of this groundbreaking product on Dialysis patients' health, life expectancy, and quality of life is likely great and will most probably be the subject of great discussion throughout the community. The only question is: Are you willing to be one of the first to try it?