Major Finding And BIG Step Forward In Creating 3D Printed Veins Making CKD Printed Kidneys Viable

Researchers from Sydney and Harvard universities have announced that they have successfully 3D Bio-Printed Capillaries (tiny blood vessels that pass blood from the arteries into the veins) which just may be the “great step” towards achieving the goal of large transplantable organs such as Kidneys. You may be surprised to learn that scientists have been able to develop small human organs such as kidneys by using a high-tech “bio-printer” in a process known as 3D Printing. Until now, however, a major barrier to them moving from printing tiny "sheets of tissue" to entire usable 3D organs is that they hadn’t figured out how to develop the blood vessels that provide cells with nutrients, oxygen, and allow them to excrete waste. But with this significant leap forward by Harvard and Sydney University Researchers, they can now overcome that barrier.

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Lead Researcher and Biomedical Engineer, Dr Luiz Bertassoni, said “We have shown that we can print these Capillaries, we have shown they are functional, that they mature to form Capillaries and that we can tailor make them to the sizes and structures we need.” However he noted that printing viable organs is not yet possible and could be years away, but added, "I also wouldn’t be surprised if I was wrong about that because this type of engineering is moving so rapidly."

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What those with Chronic Kidney Disease should take away from this article is that this breakthrough is a major game changer for 3D Printing and could collapse the timeline for large transplantable kidneys. What's more, major universities within the United States such as Harvard and Stanford as well as around the world are announcing several significant breakthroughs which are propelling forward several viable treatments for Chronic Kidney Disease; serving as alternatives to Dialysis or the long Kidney Transplant Waiting List. 

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