Major Developed Country Passes Law To Have All Citizens Automatically Opt In To Be Kidney Donors

In France before 2017, kidneys were considered for donation only if a person made their preference for donation clear. This is the exact system that is currently used in the United States. This means that if no wishes were stated, doctors would ask their relatives - who refused in nearly one-third of cases, according to the Guardian News. However, with the passage of one law, this has now changed.

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A new law in France makes everyone a possible kidney donor after death (along with other organs) unless they specifically register otherwise. More specifically, since January 1st, 2017, everyone in France is presumed to be kidney donors unless they add their names to a National Rejection Register. Doesn't this make so much sense?

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“In the name of national solidarity, the principle of presumed consent was chosen,” France’s Biomedicine Agency wrote on its website. On the other hand, in the United States, the Kidney Transplant Waiting List is expected to grow considerably due to advents such as recent effective helmet laws and self-driving cars which are doing a great job of improving safety and preserving lives. 

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While all those with Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis want people to live longer, the unfortunate fact is that many patients in need are waiting nearly a decade for a Kidney Transplant in the United States and over 4,500 patients are dying every year without ever receiving a call. We are running out of options and this requires all hands on deck initiatives like automatic Deceased (Dead) Donation unless individuals opt out and add their name to a registry. France has proven that this is not a radical idea and can save many lives.

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At the time of death, doctors will ensure an individual was not listed on the National Rejection Register. They will also check with the family to learn if a person ever expressed their oral or written opposition to donating their kidneys. If not, their kidneys and other usable organs will be used to save the lives of patients.  

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If you support this type of helpful provision, then sign the below request that petition to have this policy presented to Congress. If we receive over 2,000 signatures then we will begin to push this policy forward this year. 

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In the meantime, be sure to share your story and try to connect with potential selfless living kidney donors, and do not just wait on the Kidney Transplant List.  It is just too long! Click here if you would like the team to help. 

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