Living Kidney Donors Jump To Front Of Kidney Transplant Waiting List If They Ever Need Transplant

Courtesy .Vantagewire

Courtesy .Vantagewire

One of the biggest hesitations many otherwise willing Living Kidney Donors have is the concern of, "What happens if I need a Kidney in the future and I have already donated it to another person?" Well, most believe that they will be in the same position as current Chronic Kidney Disease patients who have not donated a kidney, but desire a Kidney Transplant. However, a new study validated that in fact if an individual who previously donated a kidney needs a Kidney Transplant in the future then they "jump to the front of the Transplant Line." 

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This is clearly a critically important piece of information for anyone who is either considering becoming a Living Kidney Donor or attempting to identify a Living Kidney Donor, wouldn't you agree? Firstly, the chances of a Living Kidney Donor ever needing a Kidney Transplant are very slim because potential Kidney Donors are rigorously evaluated to ensure that they are healthy enough to donate in the first place. In fact, the Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania who conducted the study found that the "absolute risk (overall likelihood of any of these things happening at all) of kidney failure for prior donors is 31 out of 10,000 (0.31%), compared to 27 out of 10,000 (0.27%) for non-donors." 

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However, if a Living Kidney Donor does experience Kidney Failure at any time, Researchers highlighted the fact that the average Kidney Transplant List wait time for a new kidney was substantially lower for individuals who had donated a kidney as opposed to those who did not. Specifically, prior donors waited 145 days on average for a Kidney Transplant, as compared to 1,607 days for patients who were similar to them but hadn't ever donated an organ.

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Dr. Dorry Segev (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine) said to Reuters Health that, "We in Transplantation have put in a rescue system for the rare kidney donor who happens to develop kidney failure . . . and this is evidence that this system is working well." Hence, these new findings may give many donors the reassurance necessary for them to make the decision to donate and provide an individual with a second chance at life which only a Living Kidney Donor has the ability to do. 

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If you are considering donating one of your kidneys to a loved one or stranger, you should know that over 4,500 Chronic Kidney Disease patients die every year while waiting. Thus, your decision may literally save at least 1 person's life. Also, over 84,000 successful Living Kidney Donations have been conducted in the United States alone, according to the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network. 

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