Letter from KidneyBuzz.com to Potential Altruistic Donors

Dear Donor:

It is a pleasure to introduce to you KidneyBuzz.com's Kidney Donor Program - a program that could be of assistance to you in case you are interested in learning more about becoming a Kidney Donor and about those who are in need of a kidney.

Obtaining a kidney for transplant has become very difficult as there are 100,000 people on the waiting list for a deceased donor (cadaver) kidney.  Therefore, "time is of the essence" for those who are in need of a kidney and many have to wait as much as 8 to 10 years for a deceased donor.  That is why KidneyBuzz.com has decided to assist them with another option - A Kidney from a Living Donor.

Research shows that Chronic Kidney Disease Patients have many Psycho-Social barriers to asking their family, friends, and loved ones for a Kidney.  This may be the result of a feeling of guilt from asking for that kind of commitment from someone so close to them.  But whatever the reason, Living Donation not only increases the chances of getting a kidney, it also lasts longer, functions more effectively, and better improve the recipient's life than a Cadaver Kidney (and much better than being on dialysis).

Below are a few facts which should clear up some of the common myths and concerns about Living Kidney Donations:

Only one kidney is needed to live a long and healthy life.
Most donor surgeries are done laparoscopically which only cause tiny incisions.
Donor recuperations are generally completed quickly - within 2 weeks.
The costs of testing and surgery are covered by the recipient's insurance.
The donor receives a separate Healthcare Team concerned about their wellbeing.

However, we know Living Kidney Donation is not for everyone.  If after learning what you need to know to make a decision and you find that Living Donation is not something you want to pursue further, you can still help by sharing this page; and of course many who decide not to be Living Donors agree to donate their kidneys upon their death.

Attached for your convenience are an Intake Form and other information which I am certain you will find helpful should you decide to be a Living Kidney Donor.  If you need to discuss anything further in this area, Cameron is well qualified and has a thorough understanding of the challenges and requirements of Living Kidney Donation.  He can be reached at (949) 378-9754.


The KidneyBuzz.com Team