Link Found Between Flu Vaccination And Serious Heart Problems In Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

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"The use of influenza vaccine was associated with a lower risk of major adverse cardiovascular events," reported a new study out of the Journal of the American Medical Association. They further stated that the most impacted patients were "among the highest risk patients with more active coronary disease." What do these brand new findings (published October 23, 2013) mean for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients? Well, since cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for people suffering with CKD, the findings put an increase emphasis on getting a flu shot to ward off the influenza virus as well as significantly reduce your risk of a heart attack, stroke, or other negative cardiovascular occurrences.

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Although in the past researchers have suspected that flu shots protect against heart attack, stroke as well as assists heart and respiratory health, prior tests have provided mixed outcomes. This new affirmative international test, however, has demonstrated “a consistent association between influenza vaccination and a lower risk of cardiovascular events.” 

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In more detail, findings suggest a 36%-55% reduction of having a serious heart problem in high risk patients such as those with CKD if they simply take a flu shot. Researchers expressed the fact that they were unsure why taking a flu shot would decrease the likelihood of a serious heart problem so significantly. They theorize that the flu may lead to plaque buildup and cause a rupture in the arteries, or cause the heart muscle to become inflamed. These findings are convincing so recommends that you discuss with your Nephrologist if a flu shot is right for you. 

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