Likely Locations Released For Artificial Implantable Kidney Human Trials



The Artifical Implantable Kidney has caused a lot of excitement and optimism in the Chronic Kidney Disease Community - especially among Dialysis patients. A frequent question among patients is "Where will the trials be conducted." Until now, the answer has been under lock-and-key and unknown to most outside of the close-knit group of Artifical Implantable Kidney Researchers. However, news of likely trial locations have been released and has the inside scoop.

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The good news is that Human Trials will likely take place at multiple locations across the United States. As with patient criteria, the location of each Human Trial will remain undisclosed until trial approval is granted. Still, it has been suggested that the first Human Trial will likely take place in San Francisco, California or Nashville, Tennessee since these are the locations where the majority of the Artifical Implantable Kidney Team is based.

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In terms of international Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients, Human Trials will likely be conducted in the United States initially because it is where the key research is taking place as well as needing to adhere to all of the United States Food and Drug Administration guidelines. However, International patients eager for the Artificial Implantable Kidney should not fear because Researchers have suggested that, "Once the device is released commercially, it will be available to all patients in need, Domestic or International."

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