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A prognosis of Chronic Kidney disease (CKD ) may result in serious psychological distress because it is understood to cause permanent impairment of renal function and premature mortality. A study explored the prevalence of depression as well as the influence of other psychosocial factors on depression, among CKD patients.

Researchers found that those who had sleep disturbances, reported having no religious beliefs, followed no regular exercise regimen, and were diagnosed with stage three or above CKD demonstrated a significantly higher risk of depression than individuals who did not meet outlined criteria. Findings identify that depression was higher in the Kidney Community, especially those at stage three through stage five. By identifying Chronic Kidney Disease in patients with a higher risk of depression, individuals can partner with their healthcare providers to adopt appropriate provisions that manage their personal circumstances and rehabilitation.

Depression should not be considered an individual weakness. It can cause close relationships to suffer, family connections to strain, and can have negative health ramifications. Depression is an understandable personal struggle that can impact the way an individual looks at life, and in turn is likely to affect how s/he does during pre-dialysis periods and while on dialysis. Strategies to combat depression include manageable exercise, walking, fish oil supplements, prescribed anti-depressant medication, and talk therapy. Strive to find ways to inspire yourself to live life and grasp every moment with anticipation. Still, the best way to manage depressive thoughts is to talk to your healthcare team, tell them exactly how you are feeling, and together, work with them to develop a treatment plan.

Read more: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23557031


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How to Combat Depression by Controlling your Thoughts