Leading Syndicated Talk Show Making Inaccurate Statements Which Dissuade Living Kidney Donation

The average wait time for a Kidney Transplant is 5 to 7 years and climbing, and that is a main reason why an average of 13 people died each day while waiting for their Kidney Transplant last year alone. Therefore, it is alarming that a top Syndicated Talk Show, Live! With Kelly and Michael, with over 4 million daily viewers made inaccurate comments which may deter Living Kidney Donation and further cause Chronic Kidney Disease patients in need of a Kidney Transplant to wait even longer on the Kidney Transplant List.

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Kelly Ripa said that, "I know people that have done this [gone through the process of being a Living Kidney Donor] and they say that when a person has kidneys that don't work, when they receive a Kidney Transplant they feel 100% better whereas the donor feels 100% worse because they go from having functioning kidneys to half. It really changes." Although Kelly went on to say, "You adjust. Of course there is always an adjustment, there is that moment that they feel much worse before they feel better." 

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The comments have had the Kidney Community in an uproar. Rightfully so, since these misguided statements can further misinform potential Living Kidney Donors on the risks associated with Kidney Transplantation. According to the U.S. Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN), more than 123,000 Americans are waiting for an organ transplant; the vast majority of which are the 102,000+ patients who suffer with Chronic Kidney Failure and need a Kidney Transplant. Ms. Ripa, may not realize the great disservice her seemingly harmless comments may have on a Chronic Kidney Disease patient's chances of receiving a Kidney Transplant. Click the above video to view Kelly's comments at 8 minutes and 30 seconds.    

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Some comments made by people who have donated a kidney are as follows:

"I donated my kidney 4 years ago and have never felt better! I am 44 years old and my health is better than before I donated because I value my life after seeing death so close. If you really were a realist, you'd educate yourself on the facts of live organ donation!" -  Amy Donohue

"Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. I love you but you are very wrong with your statements on living donation. I donated my kidney to a friend on 1/9/12 and I have never felt better! I donated on a Monday and was home on Wednesday. I missed three weeks of work and then I was back (I work a desk job). Other than normal fatigue from such a surgery, I have never felt better in all of my life! In all actuality, it's improved my way of living because I recognize the need to take better care of myself. I lost 25lbs since the donation and I'm learning to become a runner. Something I never thought of before donation. The donor does not feel 100% worse!! Much to the contrary!" - Karen Michul

"As an altruistic kidney donor, I take offense to Kelly's generalization that people who donate feel 100% worse. I donated to someone I have never met, talked to, or even seen a photograph of....but my doctor tells me HE is doing fabulous. As far as myself, following a few days of recovery I am feeling as good as new and would do it again in a heartbeat. National media needs to focus on the positives of living organ donation....not instill fear into those who are considering giving the gift of life." - Betty Shelton

"Ill informed remarks re: live kidney donations. My father donated to me nearly 5 years ago and there's nothing wrong with his kidney function at all." - Sico

Co-Founder of Wait List Zero, Josh Morrison, is a Living Kidney Donor himself  and stated that, "Spreading misinformation about the health effects of donation makes it painfully difficult for patients with kidney failure to ask for a transplant." 

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As a community, let's stand in solidarity against misinformation that dissuade much needed potential Living Kidney Donors from donating. Provide your support by filling in the below information and sharing this petition with your family members and friends. KidneyBuzz.com will then compile a list of names and contact, Live! With Kelly and Michael, to request a correction to their misstatement. For more Daily News and Information about how Chronic Kidney Disease patients and Diabetics can better manage and improve their lives, turn to your #1 source online, KidneyBuzz.com.

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