Large Dialysis Organization Caught In Bribery Probe Reaches Agreement



Many Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients will be surprised that one of the largest Dialysis Companies in the world was caught in a 'Bribery Probe' and has recently reached an agreement. Covered in some of the nations leading Newspapers and Journals, it questions the transparency and reliability of the company.

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Fresenius Medical Care (FMC) said in a regulatory filing that it had reached an agreement in principle with United States Authorities regarding a long-running foreign-bribery investigation that involved an anonymous whistleblower complaint. Basically, an FMC employee alleged that she/he noted conduct outside the U.S. that might violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or other anti-bribery laws.

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When no action was taken, it appears that the tipster forwarded the message to U.S. authorities. Spokeswomen for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the U.S. Justice Department both declined to comment. Similarly, a representative of Fresenius declined to comment, citing the pending agreement with U.S. authorities.

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Still, the filed agreement suggests that the settlement remains subject to final approval from the company and government officials, but FMC had cooperated with the government investigations and recorded $253.9 million in charges. It also said the company is implementing enhancements to its anti-corruption compliance program.

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Since Fresenius is such a large multi-national company, just because one area of the organization is involved with wrong-doing does not mean the entire company is corrupt or untrustworthy. However, patients should always be aware of happenings with the organization that is or may be delivering their life-preserving Dialysis Treatment.

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This U.S. Bribery Probe also highlights that just because a company is as established and renowned as FMC, it does not prevent rogue agents from taking actions that are against the rules of the company or even the law. Hence, if you see something that seems odd or peculiar say something. If you do not know what channels to use to correct the issue anonymously or otherwise, then pick up your copy of the Dialysis Patients' Rights Guide (click here). is also here to help.

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