Six Years Of CKD/Dialysis Excellence For Patients

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Ask yourself this. Do you know where you would turn if you found yourself overwhelmed by Chronic Kidney Disease or caring for your spouse, a friend or a parent with the Disease? What if you had to change your diet drastically just to stay alive to raise your kids, maintain your friends, and support your community?

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If you are like most patients, you would reach out to because for over 6 years, vital services such as free care management insights (non-medical), support, health and wellness kidney/dialysis-related information, and activities, even center politics, legal happenings, and financial guidance have all been a phone call or keystroke (via email: away. continues to diligently help members of our Chronic Kidney Disease Community - patients and their families - navigate the challenges at such a precarious (uncertain) time in their lives.

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Every month welcomes over 300,000 viewers from diverse backgrounds to enjoy meaningful social connections that add joy, fun, empowerment, delight (with breakthrough updates), realistic hope, and purpose via our website and social media platforms (click here).

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2019 is a special year. We are celbrating the 6th anniversary of! We have accomplished a lot but there is always more to do. We are committed to making sure that this fastest growing Chronic Kidney Disease Resource has a voice for generations to come and that our unique community ages safely and comfortably. Yet, unlike most Chronic Kidney Disease Resources, is self-supporting - 100% of our budget comes from tailored Products and Services sold to patients and loved ones such as yourself.

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Would you be willing to support the efforts of to cover and usher breakthroughs, release daily news, information, research, offer support, direct call updates, solutions to common challenges, overcoming clinic politics, identifying additional resources and options to improve patients' lives, and much more for the many years going forward? Your support helps us continue focusing on the ever-changing needs, interests, and well-being of our viewers - forever ensuring it is a place one can always go to and count on.

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